Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Solar Eclipse-Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

The June Solar Eclipse falls at 11 degrees of Gemini on June 1 at 5:03PM, EST. Gemini is the natural ruler of the third house of communication, travel, speech and immediate family members. Thus, to some extent we will all be concerned with these issues. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, speech, and travel. While we will all be occupied by third house matters to some extent, the eclipse will be personal depending on what house and personal planets it falls on in your natal chart.

Eclipses often have a long life and the energy of an eclipse can last for months, sometimes years to come. Eclipses are like guideposts and by looking at where the eclipses fall in your chart astrologers can get an idea of what the focus in your life will be over the year (s) to come.

Eclipses Effect Us All

Those most affected by this eclipse will be Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces, or others who have a personal planet in their natal chart the eclipse is hitting. Gemini and Sagittarius will be dealing with issues concerning relationships or partnerships, and Virgo/Pisces will be concerned with issues relating to the home, foundation and career or priorities. Cancer/Capricorn will be dealing with matters connected to the 12th-6th house axis- Dr.’s, hospitals, issues secret and hidden, and health and work related situations, as well as being of service to others. Leo/Aquarius will be experiencing issues of the 5th/11th house axis- concerning friends, groups and organizations, love affairs and children. Libra/Aries will be concerned with communication, travel, education and legal/medical matters as well as immediate family members or neighbors-3rd/9th house axis. If you are a Scorpio/Taurus you will be concerned with matters of the 8th/2ond house axis-sex, money, transformation and change or money.

New Moons relate to new beginnings and as Gemini rules communication, speech and ideas, it is time to take a look at what ideas may be holding you back from future growth. This month is the time to look to new horizons, new ideas, and test new ways of thinking and looking at situations in your life, making way for new ways of dealing with situations in your life.

Mercury-Lord of the Eclipse

Mercury is the Lord of this eclipse and the ruler of travel, speech, communication and writing as well as younger people and pets. Communication will take on a new importance during the eclipse period, whether it is a talk with your significant other or hearing unexpected news or on the world stage. Mercury rules travel and some weather related situations and we may hear news of both. At the time of this post deadly tornadoes have hit Oklahoma, Texas and again. There will be important news that will affect all of us at this time. The press will play an important role.

“Something to Cry About”

Astrologer/Eclipse Author Celeste Teal calls this eclipse, ‘Something to Cry About,’ and writes: “Mercury rules eclipse: focus on communication and transit. For the USA, eclipse falls on Uranus-surprising developments. Government may deal with a loss of support. Eclipse in eighth house; attention and discussion on taxation, imports, sanitation, mortality, burial laws or contagion. Potential death or resignation of a statesman or literary figure, writer, educator or travelers. Treaties, agreements will be strained in foreign relations. Potential workers strikes, military moves, and/or urgent health sanitation. Dealing with hospital or prison conditions and mysterious crimes. Eclipse of emphasis for Australia, Egypt, France, Israel, Mexico, Vatican City, Los Angeles, Manhattan and NYC.”—Celeste Teal/Eclipses

The US Chart

In the US chart the eclipse falls within three degrees of the US Uranus at 8 degrees of Gemini. Uranus relates to unexpected, and/or explosive situations. Uranus deals with weather and we are at risk of weather related situations. The eclipse is within 10 degrees of the US Mars, (the God of War) On Monday, May 31, the Sun conjuncts Uranus at 8 degrees of Gemini, another transit for unexpected events and potential conflict with US partners and others.

Mercury squares the Aquarius Moon in the US chart at 27 degrees of Taurus showing an edgy and unsettled population. Women may come into focus. The Sun trines Saturn on the 1st putting issues of responsibilities in the forefront.

The companion lunar eclipse falls at 24 degrees of Sagittarius on June 15.

This astrology report is provided by Astrologer, Leslie Hale.

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