Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Full Moon in Virgo

This month's full moon occurs on Sunday, February 28, at 9 degrees of Virgo. Virgo is the natural ruler of the sixth house of work and health and in a general sense we will all be dealing with these issues. It is about issues relating to work of all types, diet, health and healthcare and fitness, and the earth itself. These will be the basic themes of this moon within our personal lives and the world at large.

In the US, the Senate's newest member broke ranks with fellow Republicans to support a Democratic jobs bill to end debate and vote on passage of the bill, and there will be much debate about healthcare reform in America this week. There will be news relating to health, diet, and matters pertaining to the earth.

But, don't believe all you hear, as Mercury conjuncts Neptune on Saturday, February 27 at 26 degrees of Aquarius and is within 2 degrees on Sunday. Mercury rules communication and speech and Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion, as well as lies and deception. Lies, secrets and untruths may be revealed. Test any new idea for validity before incorporating it into your life at this time.

Mercury-Neptune is good for imaginative ideas and creativity, psychic/metaphysical activity and insight into future events. It is poor for formulating new agreements/contracts, and it relates to deception in communication and impractical ideas.Use good judgment in issues relating to transportation, as there may be more accidents than usual, and some may be affected by adverse weather conditions.

This article was posted by Leslie Hale.

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Understanding FREE WILL and how it works in our lives

Understanding "free will" is a very hard concept for a lot of people who get psychic readings. A lot of times the reading in the moment is misunderstood as being "set in stone" so to speak. So when the reading does not transpire the way it was told in the beginning, the psychic of course gets the blame for not being able to read the situation or the person correctly.

Free will is a very interesting thing indeed. When a reader or a medium tunes into the question at hand, what they see is in the moment and the journey or path that shall be taken. Thus, the message is delivered. Now, the fun part comes when the person that just got the message or shall I say the client, now has choices to make. Also, they have to really trust and believe in what was told to them. Not only do they have that to consider ... if there is another person involved then that person too has the free will to pick and choose their own life path.

There are connections that are truly meant to be made between people and situations but due to fear, mis
trust, not believing in one's self or the other person can change the journey of that connection in the blink of an eye. The poor client is left there scratching their head saying ... "uh what just happened"? That is NOT the way it was told to me!

Unfortunately people tend to look outside of the box and point the finger at someone else before they will point the finger at themselves and the thought process that they had just created. Now, I have had people say ... but I truly believed and trusted and yes, maybe they did! But here again "free will" what did the other person involved do or say to sabotage their own "knowing" about the situation?

Now, here comes the set backs, re-grouping, starting from square one again. The psychic's reading is still correct but the two at hand need to really work and re-focus on what they want to get back to that path of where the universe had wanted them to be in the beginning! "Free will" does come with some interesting lessons ... indeed. Just be aware the next time you do get a reading what more can be involved by the human choice people can make.
Love and Light,
Cherie's Vision

Monday, February 8, 2010

Work up a little Magick with Your Valentine

Here's a fun little thing to do and use for a "lovers" VALENTINE evening
A little chocolate
A little champagne

A floral, earthen, exotic, and sweet blend that appeals to male and female.
1/2 cup organic carrier oil (jojoba, olive oil, almond oil)
20 drops organic Lavender essential oil
15 drops organic Cedarwood essential oil
2 drop organic Ylang Ylang essential oil (may use orange)
Drop all essential oils into a glass bottle, add Jojoba oil, and roll bottle between palms to blend oils. Decorate with a ribbon and pretty label if desired. Shake well before each use.
Perfect for VALENTINES and don't forget the candles
contributed by Dsandra

Why Every Day Should be Valentine's Day

Interesting words ... Valentines day.

You can go off the historic meaning of it and the origin of it too but isn't it interesting what we all have created with this "special" day? Yes, the heart and the love of that special person is there and you want or wish for Valentines day to be that "perfect" day! What happens though is sometimes that so called "perfect" day gets filled with so many expectations that the day sometimes for many can fall short. Romance novels, soap operas and many other things create this "fantasy" of the perfect day. And yes, everyone can have this perfect day ... but just maybe, it might be in a special way that is not expected. Now I bet you are scratching your head thinking "huh"????? If you go a bit deeper and really look at your loved one ... can you see or feel the special things this person does for you each and every day? Can you get passed the expectation of way things "should" be? When two people are truly in love, each day is Valentines day and many of us loose site of this because of what is expected or should be. Sometimes the simplest forms of love are the most real. A simple smile good morning ... sitting together on a porch swing drinking coffee and listening to the birds say good morning ... a simple kiss good night and yes even holding hands. Now please do not get me wrong about creating that special night or that day there is nothing wrong with it at all but just remember this ... Valentines day can be everyday if you really stop to see how much your partner loves you each and every day.
Love and Light,
Cherie's Vision

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Origins of Valentine's Day

When I was in the 'third grade' I attended my first Valentine's Day event. It was the first year that I was enrolled in school in the United States, after moving from England, and I remember having to take a shoebox to school. I soon learned we were decorate these shoe boxes with paint, construction paper and pink and red heart shaped doilies, after cutting a little slot in the top for our 'valentines'. We were instructed to make sure we had a card for everyone in the class, mine had Casper on them, I am sure of it, and on the anticipated day, we would all play postman as we walked around the class putting the cards into the decorated boxes. Then we would sit and open them, smiling at all of our 'truly yours' and 'be mines' while indulging in lard and sugar frosted cupcakes brought by the 'class Mom'.

To the masses, Valentine's Day evokes thoughts of chocolate, flowers, romance, cards, and cherubic angels shooting us with arrows. I also understand there are special diamonds, jewelry, lingerie and secret indulgences you can buy your 'valentine'….but when did all the madness, attributed to this day, begin? I don't know about the rest of you, but I started seeing Valentine's Day displays in the stores the day after they cleaned out most of the Christmas crap, thinking to myself "Hey don't throw that Christmas stuff out, we could use it for Valentine's Day, after all it is red and white..!" Come to think of it... St. Valentine does look an awful lot like St. Nicholas, but I digress.

Sadly today's society views Valentine's Day as more of an obligation ~ forced upon the masses as a whole, telling us we better recognize our 'sweetheart' with flowers and fluff or they will resent us for the rest of the year. I just saw something on MSN today '10 Days Left to make sure you are not in the Dog House'…or something to that effect. I mean, seriously folks, come one, when did it turn to this? I am not quite sure how it became such an obligation… or expectation …. but personally I blame it on Hallmark (the bastards!)

Valentine's Day originated from pagan customs of Ancient Rome in 300-400 B.C, where on February 14th and 15th the Romans celebrated Lupercalia. During this festival they practiced the ritual of the sacred sexual union, the Heiros Gamos, on February 14th, to honor Juno Fructifier, Queen of the Roman gods and goddesses as well as goddess of marriage.

As part of this celebration, maiden's names in were placed in boxes, I am sure without the pink and red doilies. These "love notes" were called "billets." A young man would draw a name and the maiden was his sex partner for the coming year commencing in March until the next February celebration. The matches were primarily for the sexual union of the Hieros Gamos but it was not unusual for the pairings to end in marriage. The couples who were matched together would be considered partners for the coming year, commencing in March, and would last until the next February celebration.

On February 15th, the Ides of February, the Romans celebrated Luperaclia, honoring Lupercal, the wolf god. Additionally they honored Faunus, god of fertility as well as Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome who were as legend states, raised by a she-wolf. The Festival of Lupercalia involved priests and Vestal Virgins (don't care much for the priests but vestal virgins are cool). The Luperci priests would go to a grotto dedicated to Lupercal, the wolf god, located at the foot of Palatine Hill.

The men would sacrifice a goat, don its skin, and run, walk and dance around the Palatine Hill to purify it while whipping young maidens with a goat skinned thong called a "februa" ~ an act which was supposed to ensure fertility. The act of such lashings or whippings was known as februatio...both this word and the word februa come from the Latin meaning "to purify." The Romans believed that the middle or the 'ides' of the month was when that month's life force was at its peak which gave them an excuse to party and perform the sacred rite of sexual union with the added effect of purifying the women from curses, bad luck and infertility by flagellating them with the februa. Hmmmmmmmm, interesting! It is all starting to make sense now.

Regardless of its origins, today Valentine's Day is a highly over-commercialized western celebration. The Greeting Card Association estimates that some billion valentines are sent per year. If you are single on this day, remember it only lasts for 24-hours, and most of the people receiving Valentine's tokens, gifts or flowers from their 'loved ones' are doing so out of obligation, threats, and the over-commercialization of a day that Hallmark rakes in the $$$- cha-ching!!! I am sure that by this time next year we will all be decorating our V-Day Trees ~ with hearts, flowers and cupids ~ while sitting on St. Valentine's lap telling him what we want (or expect), fighting for the last box of chocolates or bunch of roses in the grocery store – knocking someone down in an effort to grab them out of their hands – all the while thinking LOVING thoughts.

Personally, I think Lupercalia sounds like more fun!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

God is Not a Vending Machine

Many of us pray for a certain thing to happen. God I want a new car. God, I want a new job. God I want to be in a relationship with Suzy and I will do whatever it takes to have her. Some of us even bargain with God...I really want Billy to get back together with me and I promise I will be good and I will go to church every Sunday, just please let me have him back. When Billy does not come back, Sally assumes God has not answered her prayer.

NEWSFLASH!!! Perhaps the answer is “NO”. Perhaps that relationship, possession or job, is not in the best interest for the progression of your soul during its journey on the earthly plane. Perhaps your focus should be on something else.

I remember speaking with a woman once who told me she was mad at God because her boyfriend did not get a promotion although they had been praying daily that he would. I remember telling her something like this: Wow, where did your sense of entitlement come from? You know it is not ALL ABOUT YOU! God is sort of busy right now, a hurricane just hit New Orleans and thousands of people are dead or homeless...there is war in Iraq, people all over the world are starving, and you are upset because your boyfriend did not get a promotion? I also remember telling her that God is not a vending machine.

Several weeks later she emailed apologizing because the promotion and raise did come, it was just delayed. The point here is two fold. Sometimes the answer is ‘no’ but sometimes we have to wait. Sometimes things have to unfold according to the divine plan – the timing of the Universe.

The universe is not a game of chance. Things happen for a reason, and everything is somehow either a cause or effect of something else. There is such an incredible order to things that if we but can get the slightest glimpse of it, we will be in awe of it. This is what I have referred to previously as synchronicity, when we see the hand of God/dess working personally within each of our individual lives.
When we pray, we have to wait for a response. Sometimes we become so impatient that we repeat our prayers night after night, petitioning the same requests over and over. Guess what? God is not deaf. S/he heard you the first time. Once is enough. After you say your prayer, it is your job to sit back and wait. Yep. Patience. Let me spell that out again P A T I E N C E. This is kind of like hitting the elevator button over and over while you impatiently stand at the elevator doors. Even though the light is lit, you push it over and over, thinking it will make it come faster. What a waste of time, and finger energy – once is enough.

Today's society is so geared toward instant gratification, we want things and we want them now. Well, take a number and get in line because God is sorta busy right now.
When we pray God/dess does hear our prayers. But we, as humans, must then step back from the desire and wanting (and asking) and allow things to unfold.

When we are constantly petitioning we can’t hear the answer. The answer often comes in the silence of meditation or mindfulness…in the silence, s/he whispers to us the answers that we seek….and we have but to recognize them. Prayer is when we speak to God ~~~ meditation and connecting to the divine source and waiting for the response, is when s/he answers. When we stop asking and start listening... we will hear that soft, still voice. Listen.