Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Solar Eclipse-Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

The June Solar Eclipse falls at 11 degrees of Gemini on June 1 at 5:03PM, EST. Gemini is the natural ruler of the third house of communication, travel, speech and immediate family members. Thus, to some extent we will all be concerned with these issues. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, speech, and travel. While we will all be occupied by third house matters to some extent, the eclipse will be personal depending on what house and personal planets it falls on in your natal chart.

Eclipses often have a long life and the energy of an eclipse can last for months, sometimes years to come. Eclipses are like guideposts and by looking at where the eclipses fall in your chart astrologers can get an idea of what the focus in your life will be over the year (s) to come.

Eclipses Effect Us All

Those most affected by this eclipse will be Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces, or others who have a personal planet in their natal chart the eclipse is hitting. Gemini and Sagittarius will be dealing with issues concerning relationships or partnerships, and Virgo/Pisces will be concerned with issues relating to the home, foundation and career or priorities. Cancer/Capricorn will be dealing with matters connected to the 12th-6th house axis- Dr.’s, hospitals, issues secret and hidden, and health and work related situations, as well as being of service to others. Leo/Aquarius will be experiencing issues of the 5th/11th house axis- concerning friends, groups and organizations, love affairs and children. Libra/Aries will be concerned with communication, travel, education and legal/medical matters as well as immediate family members or neighbors-3rd/9th house axis. If you are a Scorpio/Taurus you will be concerned with matters of the 8th/2ond house axis-sex, money, transformation and change or money.

New Moons relate to new beginnings and as Gemini rules communication, speech and ideas, it is time to take a look at what ideas may be holding you back from future growth. This month is the time to look to new horizons, new ideas, and test new ways of thinking and looking at situations in your life, making way for new ways of dealing with situations in your life.

Mercury-Lord of the Eclipse

Mercury is the Lord of this eclipse and the ruler of travel, speech, communication and writing as well as younger people and pets. Communication will take on a new importance during the eclipse period, whether it is a talk with your significant other or hearing unexpected news or on the world stage. Mercury rules travel and some weather related situations and we may hear news of both. At the time of this post deadly tornadoes have hit Oklahoma, Texas and again. There will be important news that will affect all of us at this time. The press will play an important role.

“Something to Cry About”

Astrologer/Eclipse Author Celeste Teal calls this eclipse, ‘Something to Cry About,’ and writes: “Mercury rules eclipse: focus on communication and transit. For the USA, eclipse falls on Uranus-surprising developments. Government may deal with a loss of support. Eclipse in eighth house; attention and discussion on taxation, imports, sanitation, mortality, burial laws or contagion. Potential death or resignation of a statesman or literary figure, writer, educator or travelers. Treaties, agreements will be strained in foreign relations. Potential workers strikes, military moves, and/or urgent health sanitation. Dealing with hospital or prison conditions and mysterious crimes. Eclipse of emphasis for Australia, Egypt, France, Israel, Mexico, Vatican City, Los Angeles, Manhattan and NYC.”—Celeste Teal/Eclipses

The US Chart

In the US chart the eclipse falls within three degrees of the US Uranus at 8 degrees of Gemini. Uranus relates to unexpected, and/or explosive situations. Uranus deals with weather and we are at risk of weather related situations. The eclipse is within 10 degrees of the US Mars, (the God of War) On Monday, May 31, the Sun conjuncts Uranus at 8 degrees of Gemini, another transit for unexpected events and potential conflict with US partners and others.

Mercury squares the Aquarius Moon in the US chart at 27 degrees of Taurus showing an edgy and unsettled population. Women may come into focus. The Sun trines Saturn on the 1st putting issues of responsibilities in the forefront.

The companion lunar eclipse falls at 24 degrees of Sagittarius on June 15.

This astrology report is provided by Astrologer, Leslie Hale.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What to expect for the rest of March :-)

March 21, the Sun conjuncts Uranus at 1 degree of Aries. With Uranus we may expect the unexpected. This could be a volatile transit with explosions and explosive situations around the world. It will be personally significant if you were born on March 21-22, June 22, 23, September 24, 25, or December 23-24. Otherwise, the day will be full of surprising events and turns and will probably not turn out exactly as we expect.

March 28-29 Venus conjuncts Neptune at 28-28 degrees of Aquarius. This transit has a dual potential, but where Neptune is involved confusion usually reigns. On the positive side, it can be a day of creative inspiration and imagination resulting in a moment of soaring to the highest of highs. If this is the case enjoy the moment as it is short lived. On the negative side, Venus with Neptune can result in confusion surrounding your love life, mis-communication, misunderstanding and relationships that do not live up to your expectations. It is not a positive transit for financial matters as it is unclear and subject to false information. Lies and unrealistic thinking will be abundant in the world on this day.

March 28-31 Jupiter opposes Saturn at 14 degrees Libra/Aries This is a transit of restriction, frustration and delay. It can affect money, relationships and projects may be slowed down or ended altogether. There will be government clashes, and clashes between the Democratic and Republican parties. Those most affected by this transit will be born March 4-7, July 6-9, October 7-10 and January 4-8, or those with a personal planet being aspected by this transit.

March 29 the Sun squares Pluto at 7 degrees of Aries/Capricorn. This is a transit of power struggles and forced change. A day of potential danger in the world as Aries is ruled by Mars, the ‘God of War.’ It is likely we will hear of struggles and situations involving war in the hot spots around the globe and we are subject to becoming involved in power struggles with others in our personal lives. This is a transit of changes of situations and circumstances.

March 30 Mercury retrogrades at 24 degrees of Aries. The ‘stationary retrograde’ period is March 29-April 2, but we will feel the energy long before then. It is during these few days Mercury will reveal events that are previously unknown, create snafus in communication, travel and equipment, and cause problems in relationships. Retrograde Mercury is not the time to start new ventures, buy big ticket items or begin new projects. The next three weeks are best spent in reflection and redoing matters that will need your attention. Astrologer/Author Carol Rushman writes, “ When Mercury stations in Aries or the first house verbal expression is assertive and occasionally combatant, because the mental energy is fast and aggressive in Aries. Decisions are made without due diligence and regretted at a later date. While new concepts are quickly grasped, they can also be easily abandoned.” Mercury goes direct at 12 degrees of Aries on April 23.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Uranus in Aries/ Supermoon in Virgo/Neptune in Aquarius-Pisces -Dramatic Actions and Events/March 2011

Uranus made a dramatic entrance into the sign Aries March 11, as earthquakes and a tsunami wrecked havoc on Japan and Hawaii, leaving thousands homeless and dead. Uranus entered Aries officially March 11 at 7:52PM EST. Uranus acts swiftly; squaring Pluto, the planet ruling nuclear weapons and facilities, as well as oil. The planet is at risk of nuclear incidents as well as weapons and several nuclear power plants have been damaged by the earthquake in Japan. This (Pluto-Uranus) energy will continue all year, reaching a peak June-August, as the two planets are within a one degree orb of each other. But, planets do not have to be exact to cause events. Uranus and Pluto will actually continue to square each other until 2016. Thus, we are at risk for many years to come of unexpected events and explosions around the world, wars, nuclear incidents and events, and catastrophic earth related disasters that will include water. The world is about to change is some very big ways, and it will simply take another powerful planetary line up to set it off (Pluto/Uranus square) again.

Uranus is at the 0 degree known as the Aries point. This much awaited event in the astrological world has more than lived up to it’s name thus far. Celeste Teal published the most widly quoted explanation of Uranus in Aries at the Aries point, also known as the ‘world point.’ ’A sudden outpouring of energies, indicative of involvement with the world at large.’

The energy of the upcoming full moon in Virgo has played a role in Japan’s tragedy, as well. This full moon has been described as an ‘extreme supermoon' because on March 19 the moon will swing more closely to the earth than it has in the past 18 years. March’s full moon occurs on Saturday March 19th at 2:10 P.M. EST at 28 degrees Virgo 48 minutes. Full moon energy can be felt before the peak occurs as well as after. The 29th degree is a significant one and every full moon since October has been at that significant degree. The 29th degree is about change. This full moon causes conflicts with several planets, including Uranus, the planet/agent of disruption. As the full moon approaches we will see more events fitting this description.

Neptune, known as the water-bearer is currently in the 29th degree of Aquarius. Author/Astrologer Helen Adams Garrett, wrote about the 29th degree of Neptune in Aquarius, ’World Peace will be sought and those born with this degree will be active in the process, by agreement or by opposition to the cause May be caught in the battle and become a victim.’

The ground is littered with victims in the Middle East. As the victim toll in Japan reaches 10,000 at the time of this publication, all eyes are off Libya where a crazed dictator cleans up the streets and tells the world he never massacred civilians while the UN debates the legalities of intervention. The Arab League ministers voted to ask the UN to impose a no fly zone over Libya, but to the civilians under siege in that civil war torn country this may seem to be too little, too late. Author Celeste Teal states the 29th degree is the weakest point of the sign it is occupying and often complicates decision making matters.

On March 18-19, Mercury opposes Saturn. This is a transit indicative of arguments, power struggles in the world, and accidents. It is oriented toward very serious issues and we will see this play out on a world level with debates, arguments and more negative news. We will hear news from governments around the world.

As the full moon peaks on the 19th it opposes Uranus within one degree. This will create sudden, unexpected situations that may involve weather and water related occurrences. Mercury-Saturn plays into the picture as well, creating dangerous situations around the world that occur at the last minute. March 21-22 the Sun conjuncts Uranus, a transit indicative of sudden, explosive situations, accidents and explosions that could involve fire. At the 0 degree Aries point, events will likely involve the world in a big way, with certain individuals or entities that will make their desires known. No doubt, the tragedy in Japan will play a big part of this full moon, and we will continue to hear disturbing reports. But it is not limited to the news from Japan. This is a complex full moon, and indeed is a ‘supermoon,’ for many reasons. We can expect the unexpected with this one.

March 28-29 the Sun squares Pluto. Pluto is a ruthless planet and describes the ‘status quo, as well as oil. Pluto also rules nuclear weapons and substances. We will hear more at this time about Japan’s nuclear plant crisis, and oil. Prices may go up, and oil will become a major issue throughout 2011. Sun/Pluto is explosive and relates to power struggles of all types, as well as struggles against the current power structure. Pluto rules the media as well, and no doubt reporters will be at the forefront during this time.

Jupiter opposes Saturn the last two weeks of March. This transit is indicative of restriction, delays, obstacles, negative movement in financial markets and gridlock among governments, especially the US. Decisions will be difficult to make and movement may come to a virtual standstill.

As Mercury retrogrades in Aries on March 30, it does so in the sign ruling the individual (as well as collective) ego. At this time, we will have an opportunity to re-evaluate the actions of the recent past. Actions will be slowed, but in positive light decisions can be rethought. On the other hand, hasty decisions can be made without thought of consequences, and thinking may not be clear.

On a Personal Level

March 19 holds a volatile full moon and to some degree we will all feel the influence for a few hours or days, but for some it will be more intense than others, depending what it is aspecting in your chart. Those most affected during the few days before and after the full moon will be born June 19-21, December 19-25, March 16-21, and September 20-25. It will be significant if you were born April 6-8, July 8-10, October 9-11, or January 6-8. You may feel edgy, discouraged and negative or prone to an argument. Let the energy pass, and by mid-week if not sooner, energies-situations will lighten up.

This information provided by Astrologer, Leslie Hale

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Uranus: Last dance in Pisces-The Planet of Revolution and Change Enters the Sign of the Individual Ego

We are on the precipice of major planetary change as Uranus transits through the final degrees of Pisces. Uranus is the planet of sudden, unexpected change, upheaval and revolution. Uranus is a slow moving planet, taking seven years to transit each sign. It entered Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac on March 11, 2003, and it moves into Aries on March 11, 2011 where it will remain until March 7, 2019 The sign Pisces often creates a ‘fog,’ between reality and the mystical world, which can become blurred to the extent it is hard to distinguish reality from non-reality. Uranus rules the internet, and nowhere has this blurred vision become more apparent than the explosion of Facebook and other social media sites, internet games, and even dating sites whereby individuals and players take on a persona different from his or her real life and often become consumed in a internet life of non-reality that over time becomes blurred with reality, or becomes the reality for the individual involved. This is truly a manifestation of Uranus in Pisces.

The 29th Degree

Some degrees are more significant than others and when Uranus reaches the 29th degree it is considered the Anaretic degree. Pisces is represented by the two fish and is considered the sign of devotion as well as self undoing. At the time of this publication Pisces is at 29 degrees. The 29thdegree of Pisces concerns the mysteries of life as well as miracles that may not be recognized as such. Believes strongly in mind over matter and sees the mysteries of life manifested-Helen Adams Garrett. The 29th degree of Pisces represents endings, in preparation for new beginnings with Uranus entering Aries.

World Events and Changes

When Uranus enters Aries at 0 degrees on March 11, it is at the Aries Point or the ‘world point,’ the 0 degree mark that is the beginning of all things. Uranus moves from mystical Pisces and inner manifestation to outer manifestation in the world. It is considered the point at which world events can occur involving us all in collective change. Uranus in Aries moves quickly, and will advance science, technology and medicine at a rapid pace. By the time Uranus leaves Aries medicine will have changed considerably and we can only imagine the advances in technology.

Many world events occurred late May-mid August 2010 when Uranus was at the Aries point for the first time, and this was only a preview to this planet’s seven year stay when it enters the first house of the zodiac for the next seven years. Spring/Summer 2010 saw a meltdown in the economy of numerous European countries and the BP oil spill was an event that garnered international attention. We saw travel problems with a huge volcanic ash cloud over Europe, China had an oil spill and numerous other events occurred, and heard news of developments in medicine.

We will be at greater risk of explosive situations and catastrophic conditions around the world as the planet of revolution conjuncts the Aries point. Aries is the ruler of the first house of self, and individual egos and ideas will make themselves known in the world. Individuals and entities will become more aggressive, war like and inclined to manifest their desires outwardly. We are already seeing this energy play out in the number of protests and demonstrations in the Middle East and civil war in Libya.

The last time Uranus was in Aries was 1927-1935. Among the greatest inventions of that time was television. The US Stock Market crashed in October 1929. (The stock market could not crash like it did in 1929 because of the institution of trading collars ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trading_collar ) that would shut the market down. In 1929 the stock market lost 23% of its value over 2 days. It could only lose this type of value over days/weeks/months of sustained loss. We also saw the Hitler's party come to power in 1933. The world changed then and during the next seven years and it will change again.

Personal Changes

As Uranus enters the first sign, changes will occur in the world and changes will occur on a very personal level for us individually. When Uranus changes signs this is a very big deal where planets are concerned. As Uranus enters Aries you will feel driven to move forward and accomplish things you may have been dreaming of for years. Aries does not wait around, but rather moves forward at the fastest pace of any sign. As Aries transits through your chart you may experience many changes in your personal life depending upon which personal planets Aries is affecting. Those most affected by Uranus’ entrance into Aries will be individuals born in the early degrees of the Cardinal signs: Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn. You will experience change and possibly disruption, or a change of direction if you were born March 21-28, June 22-29, September 24-30, or December 23-29.If you were born on any of these dates looks for changes of direction on a personal level, and with partners, (Aries/Libra) and in the home and career areas if you are Cancer/Capricorn.

Uranus/Saturn/Pluto- The Status Quo versus the Individual-A Return of the Cardinal Square

During Spring/summer of 2010 we experienced the Cardinal Grand Square that brought turmoil and chaos to the world and brought to light numerous situations in the world that call for change. As Uranus advances in the sign Aries it will create another Cardinal square between Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. This ‘grand square,’ of these three major planets will generate tension that will reach a point where change has no option but to occur, and situations cannot continue as usual.

In 2010 the square became almost exact between these three planets June- August. Planets do not have to be exact to cause events and in 2011 the Cardinal Square will reach a peak in June with Saturn retrograde at 10 degrees of Libra, Pluto at 6 degrees of Capricorn and Uranus at 4 degrees of Aries. These planets are well within orb of each other and will create turmoil, chaos and anger that will lead to change in the world and change and regeneration in our personal lives.

As Saturn (the taskmaster and status quo) goes direct and moves forward in July, Uranus in Aries will continue to square Pluto throughout the year. Thus, the ‘will of the individual,’ will continue to be pitted against the ‘status quo,’ throughout 2011.

It will be a year of violent and unexpected explosions and explosive situations, both at home and abroad. Pluto also rules oil, and with the turmoil in the Middle East it is more than possible we will see problems with the flow of oil through the Middle East, and escalations in price, throughout 2011. We are at risk of food shortages during this time, as well.

This explosive energy is obvious in the Middle East. The charts of many countries including Libya, Israel, Jordan, Iran and Iraq to name just a few are absolutely on the brink of change/civil war and will not go through this period and remain the same. Uranus will actually continue to square Pluto within it’s orb of influence until 2017. Eighty years ago Uranus entered Aries and changed the world. It will do so again.

What are the Changes About?

Saturn in Libra relates to law, governments and relationships of all kinds, both personal and personal, as well as relationships with the government. Marriage will come under scrutiny and we will hear more about same-sex marriage. Uranus in Aries relates to the ego of the individual and the collective will being expressed in the outer world. Pluto in Capricorn relates to the ‘powers that be.' This includes governments, banks, business, and underworld types of groups. It is in these areas we will see changes occur on the world stage. Governments and business will be disrupted and the individual will make his/her voice known. All people have a desire to live in peace and with a certain amount of personal security. When change occurs it will be a result of the needs of the individual not being met by governments and entities. It will be in the abovementioned areas that clashes occur, ultimately resulting in change. The world is going to be an angry place to live for a while.

There are also ego driven and misguided individuals who will make their voices heard. These individuals do not have to be spiritually motivated but egotistical, or driven by reasons of personal ideology. As Neptune enters Pisces, another wild card comes into the mix, relating to religion, and idealism as well as fanaticism. It will be a thin line humanity must walk in 2011.

Neptune Enters the Sign of Spirituality and Confusion

Neptune is the most misunderstood of signs, and the planet ruling religion and spirituality. It enters the twelfth sign of the zodiac on April 5 changing the mix even further. The twelfth house relates to the unseen world, the unconscious mind, the supernatural, and things and realms that are secret and hidden. It is the house of endings and clearing the deck before new beginnings. Neptune will be in Pisces until 2026.

While on one hard, the world in some ways and places may become more aware of the need for spirituality and a connection with the infinite, Pisces also rules fanatics, and extremists. Pisces rules drugs, the ocean, illusion, delusion, confusion, lies and deceit, drug dealers, ministers, the seamy side of life, painting, beauty, and the cinema and drunks. It is the most multidimensional of planets and therein lies the difficulty in understanding it. But where you have Neptune, you generally have confusion. Neptune can soar to the highest of highs and sink to the lowest of lows. And it rules water.

Natural and Man Made Catastrophes

The upcoming grand square, and subsequent Uranus-Pluto square can relate to both natural and man made disasters. Pisces rules water and Pluto rules oil, and Uranus in Aries brings sudden, unexpected situations and events. Pluto in Capricorn also relates to the earth, and we are in a period where the dictates of the planet must be taken into consideration. During the grand square of 2010 we saw volcanic eruptions, an ash cloud, earthquakes, flooding, and the contamination of the Gulf by British Petroleum. More such incidents will occur, and Neptune in Pisces speaks of water: flooding, melting ice caps, contamination, shortages-all of these are possible.

The Big Picture

We can only imagine the technological advances that will occur over the next seven years. How would one describe television to someone who had never heard of the concept at the turn of the 20th century? How many lives will be saved as medical science unlocks the secrets to regenerating the body, perhaps even preventing aging. Stem cell research holds the key to more than we can imagine. We are on the brink of breathtaking cures, answers and solutions.

And yet the world is in turmoil. The age of revolt and revolution is upon us. Not only in the Middle East, but in the US and the Western world. The old guard is on it’s way out everywhere. Situations and answers that served as patchwork that have not met the needs of real human beings will no longer suffice. Governments that only serve only a few will topple, whether they be Western or Eastern. It will not be an easy path, it never is. Nor will it be a crystal clear path. Confusion will abound.

This is the time of the individual. Not to become absorbed in the self to the exclusion of all else, but rather to search our common humanity for what we can attain and what we share in common with others.

It is a time for humanity to bond with the earth and search for issues that will preserve our planet for the future and respect the boundaries of what the Planet Earth will tolerate before it becomes toxic. Our world depends upon it. Welcome to the revolution. It will be televised.

This article was provided by astrologer, Leslie Hale.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Solar Eclipse - Not just about Money - the Earth Speaks Too!

The New Moon/solar eclipse falls at 13 degrees of Capricorn on January 4 at 4:03 AM, EST. Capricorn is the natural ruler of the 10th house of business and priorities. The eclipse squares Saturn, the taskmaster, bringing a dose of reality, responsibility and obligations to light. Venus squares Neptune at 26 degrees of Scorpio-Aquarius, and this transit is indicative of fraud, mistruths and lies relating to money and sex. It points toward issues between the sexes and news relating to same sex couplings as well.

Capricorn rules the earth as well as business, and issues will come to light that relate to the earth itself. We must listen to the planet speak, as it is the sustenance of all life in our world. 2010’s catastrophic earthquake in Haiti preceded the January 15 eclipse in Capricorn by 3 days. With the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 27 degrees of Pisces, expect more precipitation than normal and possibilities in some areas of flooding and issues surrounding water/precipitation.

The eclipse is prominent in the US natal chart. It falls in the second house of income/earned income, opposing the Sun, as well as the two money planets Venus and Jupiter. While it is 14 degrees off the US Pluto in Capricorn, it will conjunct the planet of transformation in the morning hours creating intensity and a collective desire for financial transformation in the world. Major events concerning money may be revealed at this time or in the very near future.

The length of the eclipse is 4 hrs and 20 minutes, thus according to eclipse expert Celeste Teal, this eclipse will exert influence and impact us for a total of 4.20 years.

Teal calls this eclipse, The Balance of Power, and writes, “Focus on business and national affairs, Eclipse in a critical degree: denoting potential for a central event having wide range impact. Eclipse in degree of fixed star Manubrium: flaring heat. A turbulent spirit against those in high places. For the USA, the eclipse falls over the Sun: US administration and government critically linked to larger world affairs. There is potentially powerful opposition to overcome For US, eclipse in house of earning power and expenditures; obstacles, legislative delays. Trade and labor restricted. Meditation, yoga and or self indulgences to cope with discontent. Eclipse of emphasis for Japan, Russia, the UN, Cuba, NYC, Phoenix and the NYSE.”

Neptune moves to 27 degrees on January 10, conjuncting the moon in the US Natal chart. Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion, confusion and lack of clarity. Americans are at risk of being lied to, and as a collective are asleep at the wheel in terms of understanding the big financial picture. As Neptune moves through the final degrees of the sign of Universal understanding problems will become more obvious. This transit also represents a weak housing market and a population that is growing weary of what is now the worst recession in 80 years.

January 8, the planet of love (Venus) enters Sagittarius lifting spirits and creating a more freewheeling and exuberant kind of energy for those in love or looking for love. Naturally, this works best for the fire signs. January 10, Mercury sextiles Sagittarius bringing sensitivity and creativity to the fore. Situations may be exaggerated. January 11, Mercury squares Uranus, creating accident prone energy. This is the time to think before you speak and expect sudden unexpected news. January 12, Mars sextiles Uranus, creating a somewhat exciting energy and possibility of exciting, new business ideas and opportunities. The planet of communication enters Capricorn January 13 for the second time in 2 months, creating a focus on serious matters and business over the next 29 days. January 14, Mars sextiles Jupiter, creating some positive energy and providing a planetary opportunity for some business and monetary success. January 17 the Sun sextiles Uranus, a positive, exciting transit with eclectic possibilities. January 18, Mercury conjuncts Pluto. This is the third and final Mercury-Pluto conjunction, creating an obsessive energy, argumentative in nature and aimed at getting to the bottom of situations. Previously on December 5-6 and 14 this transit dealt with revelations from Wikileaks. The transit is compulsive, prone to accidents and arguments and will involve the media and revelations.

January 19, we have a full moon at 29 degrees of Cancer. The 29th degree holds special importance and relates to endings and finishing up matters. Cancer is the most emotional of all signs and rules the home and fourth house relating to the foundation and family. This full moon trines Jupiter, a positive indication whereby we can show generosity and warmth toward those we love.

January 20, energy will shift as the Sun leaves the sign of business and enters Aquarius. Wherever the Sun travels it spreads it’s light-in this case Aquarius- the natural ruler of the 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes and organizations and friends.

January 22, Jupiter enters Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. Jupiter is the financial planet and the planet of luck, abundance and expansion. Whatever Jupiter touches, it increases. Aries is a fire sign and we experienced Jupiter in this sign June 6-September 8, 2010 when it first entered the sign of the Ram. Aries is exuberant, moves quickly and is the natural ruler of the first house of self. In some respects this will give us a jump start and it will represent a vast difference from the laid back energy of Pisces. Science and technology will make advances. This will be a once every 12 year advantage for Aries, and other fire signs. Jupiter was last in Aries February 14, 1999-June 28, and again October 24, 1999-Febuary 15, 2000.

January 23, Venus sextiles Saturn. This is a positive transit for business, and connecting with things and persons from the past. It is a positive financial transit on the conservative side.

January 26, Saturn retrogrades at 17 degrees of Libra. Saturn retrogrades every year for approximately 4 months, and at this time the sign it is in is emphasized. Libra pertains to relationships, relationship issues, government, courts and laws, and these issues will come to the forefront. Bad marriages and relationships may end altogether. People are often more disciplined in their undertakings, and much depends upon what transits Saturn is making in your natal chart. On the same day, January 26, Mercury squares Saturn. This transit is accident prone and depressive and we may hear negative news about business or the economy. It is a tiring transit but can indicate increased focus.