Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Next 48-Hours will be a Bumpy Ride

Between today and tomorrow, Thursday March 25, the Sun is squaring Pluto, a difficult energy. It creates power struggles, frustrations, obsessiveness and compulsiveness, and emotions are running high. It is best to let this energy pass, remember what it is, and not react to it. If you have to fight a battle, make sure it is a battle worth fighting and not just a reaction to the stressful energy.

It is a good day to center your energies, relax as much as possible, take a deep breath and remember what is worthwhile in your life, as battles and confrontations will abound around you, and there are those who may try and pull you into a fight that is not yours. Control issues will become apparent among those who have a tenancy in this direction anyway, and even among those who don’t.

The planetary energy of the Sun opposing Saturn that was exact on Sunday is waning, but it is still within orb today. Oppositions to Saturn show worry, anxiety, delays, and the forced carrying out of undesired responsibilities, and it is under this transit that healthcare reform passed in the US Congress.

Emotions are running high among those who are not happy with the new healthcare bill and those who believe it was the correct thing to do. The news will continue to be dominated by arguments and disagreements, and the press will play a pivotal role, and there may be news about the press itself.

Other conflicts will abound over the next 48 hours that involve big business, and there is a feeling of forced change in society. It is not favorable for the financial markets/institutions of the US, as Capricorn represents the second house of money in the US chart, and while the Sun is squaring Pluto it is also squaring Jupiter, the planet of finance in America’s chart. (A square is a 90 degree angle creating conflict)

Sun square Pluto represents, ‘ruthless force,’ and Pluto is the planet of vengeance, sex, and hidden issues coming to light.. It is likely we will hear about acts of violence. Capricorn rules the Earth, and it is not impossible we will see another change involving the earth itself. Furthermore, Pluto represents nuclear weapons and nuclear capacities, and we will likely hear news in this area as well.

Monday, March 15, 2010

New Moon in Pisces!

This month’s new moon is at 25 degrees in Pisces today, Monday, March 15. New moons represent times of new beginnings, and Pisces is the natural ruler of the twelfth house of things secret and hidden, the unconscious mind, hospitals and institutions and time spent alone.
Pisces rules the spiritual world, and represents the realm of sages, and the ages, mystics, and creativity. It is a time to look into your heart for the answers you seek, and remember that true love is unconditional.
This new moon falls within a degree of Uranus, the planet of sudden, explosive, and unexpected events that come from out of the blue. Uranus rules technology, airplanes, adverse weather conditions involving water and fog, earthquakes and electricity. Watch for complications with technology and save all information on your computer.
Mercury, the planet ruling speech, communication and travel is conjunct Uranus today and tomorrow, so be careful driving, and, new ideas should withstand the test of time. Hasty speech is a common them with this transit, and ideas should be thought out before acted upon. There will likely be more accidents than usual.
The Sun is conjunct electric Uranus on Wednesday, continuing the theme of unexpected events, and we will see this energy play out upon the world stage one way or another. Uranus also represents the ‘cutting edge,’ and on the positive side pay attention to your creative urges as they could lead to novel and unique ideas. New ideas are likely to be unusual and non-traditional, but they may be fleeting. Above all, consider any new idea, communication or action carefully before implementing it.
If you find yourself getting more agitated than usual, take a deep breath, and this energy will pass quickly. With Uranus involved, events and situations can end as quickly as they began.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Jupiter-A Favorable Time-Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, and Capricorn

Jupiter in favorable aspect to the Sun (Trine, conjunction, sextile ) is among the most favorable periods of life. Generally, health is good, spirits are above par, life is prosperous, and it is a time of new opportunities on the horizon. If there have been health issues, Jupiter represents a time of healing and if for any reason disappointment or misfortune has occurred, Jupiter energy is favorable in every way in terms of bringing life back into balance, in a more harmonious manner. If obstacles have been placed in your path, Jupiter will ease the way around the obstacles through new opportunities or your path will be made easier as a result of his rays. No planet or transit is ever nullified in it's totality, but If you chart shows other transiting planets affecting you in an adverse way, Jupiter will serve as a form of personal protection, that is, the adverse planets will usually not live up to their full potential or a solution to the problem will be shown, or a better path taken. Jupiter is in favorable aspect to the Sun about 25 per cent of the time.

This year (2010) Jupiter is in Pisces most of the year favorably affecting water and Earth signs. If you are a Pisces, Jupiter in your own sign should bring a better than average year in many ways. It is a once every 12 year occurrence, and you have every chance of success whatever your undertaking. If you are a Cancer, Jupiter is in great aspect to your Sun and favorable for publishing, travel, education, dealing with foreign people, and success in whatever endeavor you pursue, including new relationships. Scorpios have Jupiter in their 5th house of children, friends and love affairs and it is here you will prosper this year. Taurus Sun Signs have Jupiter in their 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes and have every chance of excelling with groups or corporate entities, and in the area of whatever their hopes and wishes may lie. Capricorns, especially those in the early degrees of their sign (1-5 degrees) can use all the help they get from Jupiter in the area of 3rd house matters-a more upbeat mental state, short trips, conversation communicating, writing and in every way your daily interaction with the world should improve.

June 6-September 9 Jupiter enters Aires for 3 months brightening life for Fire/Air signs born in the early degrees of your sign. (1-5 degrees) If you are an early Aries, Sagittarius, Leo, Gemini or Aquarius you will benefit throughout the summer with Jupiter in Aires aspecting your Sun. It will return again for 6 more months late January 2011.

Jupiter re-enters Pisces September 8, 2010-January 22. It goes direct after a 4 month retrograde period October 18 at 23 degrees of Pisces and if this is hitting your Sun or a personal planet in your chart you should feel the positive affects in a remarkable way.

Jupiter/Sun is a favorable influence financially and in general helps money matters go smoothly with fewer obstacles or delays. It is the most favorable of influences for applying for a new job or dealing with any money issues at all, or for that matter legal matters and situations. If you are under the influence of other heavy outer planets affecting your money situation their negative effects will not be as marked, and it may show a new path to financial recovery. If you have to go to court it would almost always indicate success, unless there was a very heavy contradictory planetary influence.

It is favorable for all types of honors and recognition, and achievement. It is a positive time to ask for favors, and it indicates favorable interaction with governments and government agencies. It indicates the clearing of the way for accomplishment of your ends. Whatever you undertake has a greater chance of success and unless other aspects show it, whatever you begin at this time has a far greater chance of success than at other times.

During the times Jupiter aspects the Sun individuals have greater potential for living up to your ambitions and fulfilling your dreams and ambitions. "Luck" has a greater chance of occurring at this time.
Jupiter-Sun is favorable for dealing with men. It is fortunate for the men in your life, Father, husband, boyfriend, and indicates prosperity on the male side of the family. It also indicates dealings with foreign people and creates foreign connections and travel to other places and countries.

As Jupiter is representative of men, women at this time, are more likely to meet a man who plays a significant role in her social and romantic life, and it indicates men, in a general sense in all charts. This is the time to start new relationships, and enter into new arrangements whether business or personal. It brings men into the life who who play a beneficial or important part of your destiny and at times indicates marriage. If other transits allow, it is a very favorable time to marry. It represents younger men, married men, foreign men, attorneys, Dr's and men who are in some away connected with law or medicine, education, or are successful in their own fields. The relationships you begin at this time, will likely pay a significant role, especially for the water signs (we've waited for this now since 2006, you know).

Jupiter expands whatever it touches and this can include your waistline. Those with Jupiter aspecting their Sun are more prone to weight gain than at other times. "Times are good, let's eat" could be called a common motto with a Jupiter/Sun aspect. On the other hand, Jupiter brings a new courage and desire for newness and positivity to the life which could include looking and feeling better,thus diet and exercise. It takes some willpower to utilize these energies, but it does happen.

Words representative of Jupiter include courage, newness, banking, bonds, ,abundance, ambassadors, academic, aristocratic, legal, medical, careless, costly, comfortable, complacency, laziness, excessive, extravagant, formal, finances, good-will, important, income, jovial, luxury, lucky, opulence, reckless, rich, peace, peaceful death, inheritance.

At times, Jupiter in good aspect to the Sun creates a type of energy where no great effort is exerted or attention is not paid to your life in some area resulting in carelessness and careless decisions. It can create a false sense that security and good times will go on forever, when this is not the case. It is perfect for vacations and trips and the only drawback is things go so smoothly, the time slips away without the individually making significant effort to achieve their goals. In which case, life should be free of major worries for a while and you can get down to the business called living life. With Jupiter, the opportunities are there-the time is yours-the rest is up to you.