Tuesday, August 31, 2010

End of Summer 2010-Still a Bumpy Ride!

Scientists are now reporting existence of a 22 mile underwater plume somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico that is deadly to sea life. BP has been putting distance between themselves and the Gulf disaster for weeks now. It is questionable if they will live up to their promises to make the Gulf area whole again. I believe not only is it questionable, it is absolute they will do as little as possible to avoid spending more money on the ‘little people,’ whose lives have been wiped out as a result of the largest marine disaster American’s have known. It has been reported for some time, BP has been ‘buying up,’ scientists who study and work with oil related disasters and forcing them to sign contracts agreeing to NOT reveal their findings to the public. The Gulf disaster had not gone away and we will be dealing with the ramifications for generations.

Another question that has arisen is the safety of the dispersants used in getting rid of the oil in the Gulf. I have seen reports that claim the chemical toxicants BP used are dangerous to sea life and to humans, and that the chemicals have found their way into the food chain. Last night I picked up a frozen package of shrimp at the grocery store. The first thing I noticed was the price that was probably up 30%. The package was almost half the size it used to be. Two strikes. Then I noticed the packaging- “Gulf Shrimp.” I had to think a few minutes. Buying it would help the fisherman, I like shrimp, and what the heck. Then I thought about the chemical dispersants and the reports from credible agencies about our food chain being altered. I put it back in the freezer. I would like to buy American products and help the Gulf and the fishermen. The Government says the food is safe. The Government also backed BP when they said the well was only pumping out 5,000 gallons of toxic oil a day into our oceans. BP is buying up scientists and ‘judge shopping,’ for future trials that will involve criminal offenses. Enough Said.

We have made it through the cosmic square, or the T-Square that we astrologers have been writing about for some time now. OfficiallyUranus has moved back into Pisces for 7 more months, changing the energy again, and giving us one last chance to understand the lessons of Uranus in the sign that rules the twelfth house of the zodiac. The twelfth house is the unknown, secrets and matters that are hidden from view, and the unconscious. Pisces is the ruler of spirituality, creativity, psychic abilities, drugs and alcohol, the seamy side of life, prostitutes and preachers. It is a complex planet, and it rules water—The oceans are being polluted, and a large part of Pakistan is flooded and headed for a major humanitarian crisis. China is still under mudslides even though you have to look for the news about that situation. If the US can’t clean up a major oil spill, does anyone believe China can? And where is the news of that situation? It is all about water and as Pisces ends its 15 year cycle in this sign it will bring further issues involving water to the forefront. It will take some time to completely assimilate the changes that have occurred under this major astrological configuration. Many well known astrologers called for global disasters during this time that would affect the earth. We have seen the Gulf oil spill, the China Oil spill, The Michigan oil spill, flooding of Pakistan, Mudslilides in China, fires in Russia and the decimation of Haiti. Next spring the same square between Saturn, Pluto and Uranus will return. It is not being written about the planets are not as close to each other as the last one was. It is a mistake to ignore however, as the planets do not have to be exact with each other for major events to occur.

But, Saturn and Pluto are still squaring each other, and the energy of this square will continue into next month. Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn deals with issues connected to the earth, business, partnerships among people and entities, the government and banking. It is harsh energy and has the potential to spark nuclear incidents, power struggles and military incidents. It also deals with issues connected to crime and to sex. It affects our personal lives as well and issues in relationships, especially sexual ones. If your relationship has been limping along this energy may force it over the edge or bring issues out into the open that may have been there for some time.

Contributed by Leslie Hale
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Monday, August 23, 2010

Why Isn't HE Calling Me? What do you Do?

Communication is key to any relationship and without it the relationship can suffer considerably. There are times, however, when there are breakdowns in communication, where the reasons given seem reasonable…and times when they are not. You meet, things rock and roll, and everything seems to be flowing toward taking a boat ride in the tunnel of love. You talk every night before going to bed, you text off and on throughout the day, you leave “love” comments on Facebook and Twitter and then one day, the bottom falls out of your world because he did not text you, call you or comment you back.

So many clients call me to ask when “BOB” will call since they have not heard from him for XX weeks. We can certainly look at when he is going to call, but I think the real issue at hand is to uncover why he is not calling. Is there a problem in the relationship, has he pulled back or is he simply ‘away in no man’s land’ for a while? Sometimes he truly does have something else to focus on and men, for the most part, believe it or not, can multi-task as effectively as women. It is just not happening. However, what you do and how you do it will define how your relationship progresses… or not. So please think very carefully before you act.

So what do you do when he goes into hibernation mode? Do you call him, text him, show up at his house asking him what is wrong? Is he mad at you? How can you help? NO! Leave him alone. Don’t pry, don’t try to get him to open up and don’t try to help him fix anything because it will just cause him to retreat further. And please don’t use this as the time to talk about the relationship to get your own validation about where things are headed with the two of you. Go and do something else for a while. Exercise. Read a Book. Hell, write a book. Do a craft project. Anything…just keep your mind from focusing, thinking, and obsessing about him.

When our significant other, or someone we are dating, pulls back from us it can fire off all of our insecurities, but now is time to focus on yourself. Spending your evenings stalking him on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, driving by his house, etc., is not going to give you any answers, even though you think they might. The answers are only “half” answers anyway. Do you really have nothing better to do with your time? Invest this time in yourself. You deserve it and you are worth it. Watch a chick flick. Or if you are like me, a horror flick. Learn to crochet. Take some online courses. Develop yourself. YourSELF.

So many times clients call me and ask, “But doesn’t he realize he is going to lose me if he doesn’t call me? Doesn’t he miss me? Doesn’t he realize it has been 3 days, 24 hours and 2 minutes since we saw each other?” Honestly, he does not. Whatever it is, whatever he is going through, analyzing, thinking about, tinkering with or working through has his head in a vise grip. Yes, he is being selfish. Yes, he is being self absorbed, but you know what? You should be too!

Most of the time, after the pull back period, your guy will come forward again. Nine times out of ten he was recharging, refreshing, renewing while he was in his “man cave” doing his “‘man thing” which often involves male bonding and quite possibly some bodily functions we don’t want to discuss. When he comes back around he might try to pick it up right where he left off, as if no time has passed because in his mind, which is ruled by man-time, no time has. Sometimes he will give you an explanation, but I would hesitate in demanding an explanation from him.

Try mirroring his behavior. Be the reflective goddess, and please don’t give more to him than he is giving to you as it will throw the relationship further out of balance. Use this time rather to focus on your own dreams, inspirations and personal growth.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

It's All About Love and Money!

Venus entered Libra on Sunday, and conjuncted Saturn, which is opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto, setting off the grand square that is occurring at this time. This is a very difficult planetary configuration, as all the outer planets are close to the cardinal and world axis. This impacts the world; but if you are a cardinal sign - Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn you will definitely feel the effects of this grand cross all the more. All these planets are competing with each other at the moment.. Jupiter - representing expansion, Uranus representing upheaval and unexpected events, Mars representing our ambitions, Saturn forcing us to feel confined and restricted, Venus focusing on money and love, and Pluto which forces us to change This is a call for all of us to make positive changes, as this planetary alignment will wake us up and force us to eliminate and change negative aspects of our lives that we have ignored. We want to change but Saturn is keeping us stuck.

The transit continues today into tomorrow, and will bring up issues from the past in relationships. Saturn is the planet of delays and restrictions, and often creates burdens and sorrows where love is concerned. It is in general, the ultimate wet blanket where love is concerned, and can make you feel reserved toward those around you. Uranus is the planet of sudden, unexpected events that seem to happen without warning. This creates a volatile situation where relationships are concerned, and will bring about potential endings in relationships that are not strong.. August 10-12 Venus is squaring Pluto creating tensions, obsessions and bringing up unresolved issues in relationships.. Pluto rules sex and the darker side of human nature.

On Tuesday, August 10 we have a New moon in Leo, the natural ruler of the fifth house of children and love affairs and it is here we will experience events that occur over the new moon. Leo is dramatic, and has no time for wall flowers. Everything will seem to happen in a ‘bigger’ way. The new moon loosely opposes Neptune, the planet of illusion, confusion and delusion, and misunderstandings, so clear communication is called for. With Venus right in the middle of the T-Square relationship issues will arise. The positive side of the transit is that if you have a relationship where commitment is present, issues can be worked through and resolved.

Money will also be in focus. Venus is a money planet and this week will bring to light financial issues that have been building in the world. We may hear unexpected news. Jupiter, the other money planet is opposing Saturn this week creating a contraction in world financial markets as opposed to expansion

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Planets of Love Enter the Signs of Relationships

Mars and Venus are the day to day rulers of your love life and when they make certain aspects in your chart this can indicate meeting someone, ‘special.’ Mars entered Libra, the sign of partnerships and relationships on July 30, and Venus enters Libra on August 8.

But, don’t expect these planets to work their magic right off the bat! As a matter of fact Mars, the ‘God of War,’ may stir things up in an existing relationship, create tension or just remind you of lack in the relationship area if you aren’t currently in one. Mars has conjuncted Saturn since July 30, and continues to do so today and this is harsh energy. August 4-7 Mars squares Pluto, making us obsessive, and bringing issues out in the open.

Pluto is the ruler of things secret, hidden and can relate to issues about sex as well. This transit represents harsh, combative energy as well. On August 8-9 Venus opposes Uranus. Relationships make take some unexpected twists and turns. Some may end at this time. Anyone you meet may not be in the picture for the long term but it can be a day of fun and entertainment, if you don’t take things too seriously. On August 11-12 Venus squares Pluto and opposes Jupiter creating obsessive moods, jealousies, competitiveness and friction. It is a transit of over-indulgence that can occur on many levels. On the other hand, if the energy is used constructively and maturely issues can be resolved at this time.

On August 10 we have a new moon in Leo, ruler of the fifth house of love affairs putting even more focus on the affairs of the heart.

After the complex squares and oppositions of Mars and Venus are over, these two planets will work well for Gemini, as the planets of love will be dancing through their fifth house of love affairs together through September 8. This combination will encourage Libra and those with a Libra ascendant to become more social and increase their chances of meeting someone or ramping up an existing relationship. Others’ who will benefit from this combination are Aquarius, and Aries. Aquarians may meet someone on the internet or at a distance or through travel, and this is the perfect time for a trip or get-away. Leo will benefit from the Libra combination as well and may meet someone who lives close by, and communicate more with others. Air signs work well for Sagittarius who can increase their popularity and ability to make friends and will socialize more often. All of the above signs stand a greater chance of meeting someone significant, or just increasing their social contacts, but most of all Gemini and Libra.

Re-posted with permission from our Astrologer, Leslie Hale