Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Full Moon in Scorpio!!

This month’s full moon occurs at 8 degrees of Scorpio on Wednesday, April 28, at 8:18 EST. Scorpio is the natural ruler of the eighth house of death, rebirth, taxes, other peoples’ money, and sex, and it will be these areas that become a focus at this time. It is a deep and intense energy.

Scorpio Sizzle-Full MoonScopes!

The influence of the full moon actually begins roughly 5 days before the full moon, and 5 days after, so we are starting to feel/experience the energy of this full moon at this time. Full moons usually relate to endings and culminations of events.

The Sun lines up (conjuncts) with retrograde Mercury at 8 degrees of Taurus, squaring the full moon, which will create emotional situations, issues with women and the home, (homeland), as well as issues concerning money and finance, and sex that will come out into the open. Superficial answers will not suffice at this time, and this Full moon is occurring at the peak of the Saturn-Uranus opposition, meaning that it is time for change in areas of your life that have not been working out. Some of the change may be unexpected.

Venus is at 3 degrees of Gemini, squaring the Saturn-Uranus opposition within a 5 degree orb, bringing up changes in money matters and relationships that are no longer working out. If you’re relationship has been limping along it may end at this time. It is time to get to the core issues that you have been dealing with, and deal with the facts.

The time is now to take stock of your financial situation. In terms of the world stage we may see situations involving accidents, and situations connected to issues with the earth. The major oil spill that occurred about 10 days ago is a situation that comes to mind, and I do not believe we know the extent of the damage. It is a volatile time, and issues will become intense regarding the financial markets, money and financial reform. Hidden issues will come to the surface, and there will be issues on the news of an emotional nature and relating to women. Financial reform will be the focus, and if for any reason it fails at this time, it will be re-visited before 2012.

Aires-Eighth/Second houses-Sex, death and rebirth, taxes, insurance other peoples’ money and earned income as well as self-image.
Taurus-Seventh/ First Houses-Partnerships and relationships of all kinds. Someone may make a move toward you. Relationships may reach a turning point or end if they have not been meeting your needs.
Gemini-Sixth/Twelfth Houses-Work, Health and Fitness, issues that are hidden and the subconscious mind. Visits to Dr.’s and hospitals, or news about such.
Cancer-Fifth/Eleventh Houses-Friends, love affairs, group associations. If nothing else is blocking it, it is time to go out and play! Cancer-this full moon is for you!
Leo-Fourth/Tenth Houses-Matters of priority, the home, business and work. Sometimes the fourth house is referred to as, ‘the end of the matter.’
Virgo-Third/Ninth Houses-Legal and medical matters, education, travel, publishing, issues with neighbors and communication with others.
Libra-Second/Eighth Houses-Money, earned income, self-image, taxes, debt other peoples’ money and corporate finance, death, rebirth and sex. issues with relationships and partnerships.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mercury Retrograde - The Winged God Stands Still

Mercury, the planet of communication is stationary retrograde at this time, at 12 degrees of Taurus, which means events and situations that will be affected by the retrograde will become pronounced now, as well as when it turns stationary direct. It officially retrogrades on Sunday, April 18. Mercury will remain retrograde until May 11, when it goes stationary direct at 2 degrees of Taurus. When Mercury is stationary retrograde in Taurus the mental process is slow and prodding.

According to Author/Astrologer Carol Rushman, when Mercury stations in Taurus” decision making can be hesitant and painful. However, once a stand is taken or a decision made Mercury stationing in Taurus can be extremely rigid, fixed and resistant to change.”
It is best not to purchase high ticket items on retrograde Mercury, get married, make important decisions or start new projects.

Events and situations will be exposed that you are unaware of. Look for delays and difficulties with equipment and communication and meetings. Your mind may not be as clear as normal and forgetfulness can be a problem.
New relationships that begin at this time may or may not continue after Mercury goes direct in May, and will have to withstand the test of time to know if it is a viable situation for you.

Relationships begun under a retrograde often fade out when the planet goes direct. Alternatively, you may hear from someone from your past, and it is often a time of reconnecting with those we have known before. Relationships that have been limping along may break off all together at this time.
Taurus is an Earth sign and the natural ruler of the second house of money.

Collectively, in the world, It is in these areas we may see frustrations and delays. With the Saturn-Uranus opposition in effect at this time, we will likely see further earth changes, and situations that involve the earth and natural disasters at this time, as well as situations that concern money, banks, assets and possessions.

Mercury retrogrades approximately three times a year, and it marks a time to re-access, re-evaluate, clean up projects and situations from the past. It is not a time to initiate new starts, but to think situations through clearly, and with the retrograde in Taurus, that will be possible, resulting in a clear picture of your direction or project when the Winged God moves forward in May.

Contributed by Leslie Hale - Astrolger

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturn's Last Retro Ride through Virgo!

Saturn, the planet of restriction and structure retrogrades back into Virgo, for a final four month stay on Thursday, April 8-July 22 It will not return to the sign of Virgo for another 30 years. During Saturn's final swing through Virgo we will be dealing with many issues both individually and collectively. All planetary cycles are cyclical, and Saturn was last in the sign of Virgo November of 1977-September of 1980. If you are old enough to remember this time, you remember gas embargos, inflation, stress, high interest rates, unemployment, recession and war in Afghanistan. Does this sound familiar?

Collectively, we will experience issues dealing with the earth and land itself. It is no surprise we have seen two coal mine accidents within the last 72 hours, both in the US and China. Nor is it a surprise at least two earthquakes have been reported within the past 72 hours, as well as an upsurge in suicide bombings in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.

Saturn in Virgo is in its final opposition to Uranus, the planet of sudden unexpected, sometimes explosive incidents. Virgo relates not only to the earth and matters connected with the earth that include including mining, it relates to the banking system as well. As long as this opposition is in effect, we will be subject to incidents that relate to land and natural disasters, issues and change regarding mining, drilling for oil, and the banking and financial markets. Virgo also rules health related issues and healthcare. As the planetary transit is an opposition, there will continue to me opposition from those who do not support to the recent healthcare reform bill. Jobs, or lack thereof, will be a focus as well.

The opposition creates harsh energy on many fronts. Uranus wants change, and Saturn wants things to stay the way they are. The end result is that change will occur as a result of the stress. In many areas change is needed in the US. The recent coal mining disaster points to the fact that an estimated 50,000 people make their living going into mines that may not always be safe. One surviving miner stated that no mine is safe, as the companies that own the mines help create the laws that govern them. The US has faced an energy crisis for several years now, and this winter heating bills skyrocketed at a time when many people were hurting financially. President Obama is determined to open up oil drilling in several states, and is pushing his agenda for ‘green’ fuel. We must make changes at this time, or face the consequences.
The transit affects us globally. More banks may fail or not survive audits in the US and abroad. Some European countries are on the verge of bankruptcy including Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Greece, referred to as the ‘PIGS,’ in monetary circles, and face increasingly fragile financial circumstances. It is being reported that the wealthiest citizens of Greece are pulling their money out of banks and sending it abroad. This transit will test the mettle of what US banks have learned (and implemented) since the original bank bailout.

On a personal level, Saturn opposing Uranus will create stress and friction in our personal lives as well. On some level, everyone on the planet will experience trying circumstances, some more than others. Relationships and situations that have outlived their usefulness may well end at this time. You will be affected to a greater degree if the opposition is hitting personal planets or house cusps in your chart, especially in the signs of Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius in the 24-29 degree range or alternatively in the 1-3 degree range of these signs. The end result will be change in diet, health, work, or whatever area of your chart the opposition is occurring.

The opposition between Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces is within orb (within 2 degrees) the rest of April through May 26. It will peak, being in exact degree April 12-May 1.

Change is not always pleasant or easy, but is the only thing in life that is constant. If your relationship, job, or some other situation has outlived its time and you know this, don’t try and force circumstances. The universe probably won’t let you, anyway. Many great events are born upon a change of plans. Use caution, circumspection, and be careful, always. But go ahead and move forward when possible. Your new life awaits.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Saturn and Uranus - at it again! Get Ready for Action!

April is an action packed month as Saturn and Uranus once again oppose each other at an exact 180 degree angle for the fourth time, since Saturn entered Virgo. Saturn re-enters Virgo one last time April 8-July 21, 2010 before moving back into the sign of partnerships and relationships for the next two years. While Saturn is in Libra we will see many changes in our governments, laws, marriage, relationships and partnerships of all kinds, but first we will be contending with the powerful energy of the Saturn-Uranus opposition in Virgo.

Saturn moves back into Virgo on April 8 creating an opposition to Uranus within 2 degrees. The opposition becomes exact April 23-May 1, and is within 2 degrees of being exact until May 27. At that time Uranus moves into Aries, but that will be the subject of another newsletter. The opposition does not have to be exact to have a profound effect, and it can be ‘set off,’ with a much smaller planetary influence, meaning the energy of the opposition will bring change. Saturn represents that which is old, established and our sense of security and that which we are accustomed to. Uranus represents the future, the new, revolutionary sentiments and the two planets in an opposition form a clash that calls for change on very profound levels.
The energy compels us toward change as a result of stress, worry, and a desire to change existing conditions, but do not expect it to do so in a calm, or easy manner. The energy is harsh, and it can be volatile. There will be a focus in the world on jobs, job creation, health and healthcare, and the banking and financial industries.
If we go back in history, both planets opposed each other in 1918-1920, and 1964-1966, and both times it had a strong effect on banking, work and major institutions. The opposition relates to changes in relationships between people themselves, and entities such as banks and corporations, battles, broken ties and loyalties, and ultimately breaking free of restrictive situations.
-The first Saturn-Uranus opposition was exact November 4, 2008
-The second was February 5, 2009
-The third was September 15, 2009
-The fourth will be exact April 26, 2010.
-The fifth opposition between Saturn-Uranus in Aires-Libra will be July 26, 2010.
If the opposition is making contact with a personal planet in your chart it will bring profound change into your life. Those most affected by the opposition on a personal level will have planets that are aspect by Virgo/Pisces within the 24-29 degree range. If you have personal planets within that range in the sign Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius or Gemini you will experience change of a somewhat disruptive level and will feel the intensity of the opposition more than others’.
Venus entered Taurus today, April 1. Venus’ transit through this sign will take love to a more sensual, practical level, quite a change from Venus in Aires over the past 30 days. Those who will benefit the most will be Born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo, (Venus will be in the fifth house of love affairs), Scorpio, and Capricorn.
Mercury transits through Taurus from April 2-June 8, turning thought toward more practical, perhaps profitable ideas. This places Mercury in Taurus for nearly ten weeks due to the fact it retrogrades at twelve degrees of Taurus on April 18-May 11.
Best to try and finish up projects well before the 18th,otherwise projects may be delayed until well after Mercury goes direct. It is wise not to make major purchases during this time, start news jobs or sign legal or binding documents as after Mercury turns direct circumstances will likely change. Retrograde Mercury is a time to focus on rethinking, re-doing, researching and planning. It is a time to turn your thoughts inward and review currents situations. The time for starting new projects, relationships and situations will come after the planet of communication becomes direct. It can be a time of spiritual and personal clearing out, and rethinking. Retrograde Mercury has a bad rap, and all is not negative. Otherwise, expect delays, miscommunications, and equipment malfunctioning and breaking down, the usual effects of retrograde Mercury. The Western world does not place a great deal of credence on the concept of spiritual clearing and re-evaluation, but this is exactly what retrograde Mercury is perfect for.
On a personal and worldwide level retrograde Mercury in Taurus will encourage introspected thought relating to money and finances as well as our sense of security. Banking, insurance, inheritance, sex and taxes will become a subject of a great deal of mental thought mental energy and reevaluation.
The new moon occurs on April 14 at 24 degrees in Aires. Aires relates to new starts and new beginnings, but anything begun at this time will most surely be doomed from the start, or alternatively it will not go as planned and many changes will have to occur before the object of your attainment becomes reality, if at all. Aires is the natural ruler of the first house of self, self focus, and this can work out beautifully if the focus on self is retrospective, and turned toward perfecting that which already exists or planning for the future. It is just not yet the time to act. It also marks the start of spring, the new moon in the first sign of the zodiac.
The full moon occurs on April 28, at 8 degrees of Scorpio. It opposes Mercury, creating verbal arguments especially about or with women, the home, homeland and emotional issues. It will be an emotionally charged full moon, and the news will be dominated with issues connected to women, arguments, and potential issues with transportation, vehicles and younger people. It has the potential to be explosive, and it is best to use the utmost caution while traveling or driving other concerns will include secrets, sex, death, change and transformation, insurance companies and banking, and taxes and the tax system. On April 28, the Sun will also conjunct Mercury in Taurus, bringing up conversations and issues relating to the earth, financial matters, banking and security.
Other dates of interest include-
April 3-Venus squares Mars creating an atmosphere that may be sexually and emotionally changed. It is a transit of lust and attraction and does not guarantee a permanent future with new relationships that begins. It is a transit of romantic trysts and disagreements between the sexes. Enjoy the energy and don’t take it too seriously. Otherwise, there may well be financial fluctuations in the world markets, issues relating to money and sex.
April 4-Mercury squares Mars creating an atmosphere of debate, arguments, mental irritations, and potential accidents. At worst it is explosive. Venus trine Pluto can deepen the conversation and love may prevail between couples but not without tension.
April 6-Pluto retrogrades for 5 months creating energy for analyzing business situations as well as emotional ones, and energy becomes more manipulative and secretive. There will be manifestations of power struggles and conflicts involving business, money, and the earth itself, including the US President’s arguments for moving ahead with new drilling for oil within America's borders.
April 19-The Sun enters Taurus putting a focus on money, image, and the earth and practical aspect of life.
April 23-Venus squares Neptune, a transit relating to scandals, secrets and miscommunications between the sexes. It is a transit of fantasy and fantasies may begin or come undone. It will generate great creative energy for the arts, and many a romantic moment, as long as you maintain a stance of clarity if it not someone you know very well.
April 24-Venus enters Gemini creating flirtatious and talkative Venetian energy for Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Aires. Gemini’s should look and feel their best for the next 30 days.
April 24-25-Venus trine Saturn reunites you with people from the past and creates a positive energy for business and the practical matters of relationships. The Sun trine Pluto favors finding out more and creating a deeper relationship
April 25-Mercury squares Mars for the second time. It may be a continuation of the issue that occurred April 4, or it could relate to arguments, debate in general, and can be considered explosive and accidental. Be especially careful traveling.