Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Are American Women Being Screwed? Women, Healthcare and America's Chart

Saturn (the planet of restriction) and Pluto, known as the God of the Underworld, and the harbinger of change and transformation, are square, and opposing the Venus (square-90 degrees/represents obstacles, an opposition/180 degrees represents change and opposition from other parties) in America's chart at 3 degrees of Cancer. Venus, rules beauty and the female sex, along with money and values.

Saturn entered Libra, the natural ruler of the seventh house of the zodiac, associated with marriage and partnerships on October 30, and with the exception of a brief, 4 month return to Virgo in April, 2010, it will remain there until October of 2012. Libra is ruled by Venus, and Saturn's transit through Libra will bring restrictions to all things of a Venusian nature. This includes the female sex, marriage, relationships, money, art, and beauty, which would include cosmetic surgery.

Are American Women Being Screwed?
As the US Congress continues debate over changes in health care, a study was released within the past month recommending fewer mammograms and pap smears as well as beginning these types of cancer screenings at a later age. Not everyone agrees with these findings, including many in the medical community. The recommendations represent a major shift in screening for breast cancer, and The American Cancer Society, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and the American College of Radiology Breast Imaging Commission have all published statements on their web sites disagreeing with the new guidelines, and recommending that physicians and insurance companies continue to provide biennial mammograms for women between 40 and 49 and annual mammograms thereafter.

Furthermore, a 10 % tax is being discussed that would be placed on all plastic surgery deemed not necessary for medical reasons.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 86 per cent of all plastic surgery is preformed on women, of which 60 % earn a household income of between $30-90,000. Most women and working women agree that there is societal pressure to maintain a youthful and attractive appearance, and few would disagree that age discrimination in the job place exists, particularly toward women.

The question that should be asked is, 'Are women actually the target of cuts and taxes in proposed Health Care Reform?'

Astrologically, the answer is Yes, unless radical changes occur, and women step up to the plate and prevent the powers that be from targeting these and other medical procedures.

This observation is based on the fact that Saturn is currently squaring Venus (at 3 degrees of Cancer) in America's chart, and will continue to do so through early winter of 2010. Pluto, the planet of transformation and change is opposing the Venus in America's chart throughout much of 2010, and will become exact on December 23, 2009-January 20, 2010, and again later in the year. These two planets represent a restrictive, force/clash that will effect women in America in a potentially adverse way.

The same transiting planets also tell us what the state of the economy will be in 2010 and that will be the subject of future newsletters.

In addition to the Saturn/Pluto/Venus energy that is occurring, Jupiter and Neptune will hook up in the form of a conjunction becoming exact on December 21. This represents infectious diseases, but it also represents illusion, confusion and lies and deception around the medical and drug industries. The combination of Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius may represent something that appears to be of interest in a way that would relate to a type of 'world-view' but the combination does not necessarily lend itself to the truth. What appears to be positive, will likely indeed turn out to be untrue.
Next year, Neptune, the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion, will conjunct America's Moon (representing women) and I call this transit, 'asleep at the wheel.'
If there was ever a time for women to take a proactive approach to their healthcare, the time is now.


Below are the two charts most commonly used for the USA-

Sagittarius Rising chart (Sibly): July 4, 1776, 5:10 pm LMT, Philadelphia, PA

Horoscope of USA - Sibly chart

Gemini Rising chart: July 4, 1776, 02:13:32 am LMT, Philadelphia, PA

Horoscope of USA - Gemini rising chart

What to Expect First Quarter 2010

Mitchell Scott Lewis is a New York financial astrologer and one of my favorite authors, and has posted his observations regarding First quarter of 2010.

"Because of the Saturn – Pluto square that will be in orb through February, this winter will prove to be a time of slow and deliberate growth. Frustrating events and delays will abound, and basically we will be in a traffic jam until the spring. You have two choices when stuck on the L.I.E.: get upset and blow your horn, or listen to Mozart and enjoy the scenery.

Saturn retrogrades January 13th and heads back to the completion of the square to Pluto. Until Saturn goes direct at the end of May we can expect delays in many business projects. Saturn rules the banking industry, and Virgo is the sign of the auditor. When Saturn entered Virgo in September 2007 the banks were audited, and we discovered that they were standing on quicksand. As Saturn reenters Virgo there will be another auditing of the industry. Many more banks will fail this coming year. Estimates from Wall Street put the number somewhere in the 300 – 500 range. And with Saturn back in Virgo from April 8th – July 22nd 2010 we are going to see just how secure the business really is.

As with all aspects the Saturn – Pluto square works both ways. Saturn, planet of restrictions and constraint, will limit the growth of Pluto, ruler of trading markets. I expect the stocks to go sideways or moderately down for a while. I doubt we will see many big rallies or much more growth this winter. And Pluto, ruler of vengeance, hidden agendas and rejuvenation, will bring to light what is still being concealed by Saturn. Because this is a square, it will not be an easy revelation. Our banking system is shaky, and our currency is under attack. As we approach the “Great t-square” of July 2010 we may find our nation in a fight of domination, primarily with the Chinese. The coming months will be difficult and frustrating. Delays will abound and power struggles will go through the roof. Nothing will be easily decided, and things that should be more readily worked through will become bogged down in semantics and individual agendas. Can everyone say “Copenhagen?”

Jupiter conjuncts Neptune for the final time on Monday December 23rd. It will conjunct Uranus, a much different energy, this coming summer. This conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune has had a very large effect on our society. It is responsible for the current debates on healthcare reform; it is responsible for the outbreak and subsequent panic about the H1N1, or Swine Flu. It is also very much the underlying cause of a 50% increase in the stock markets since the bottom last year. It is completing for the last time, and many of these issues are coming to a head. Once this final conjunct completes a more realistic attitude will set in. Then we will see where things really are.

And the class war continues."

What can you expect in 2010? How will these planetary aspects affect your career, work and love life? How is the Saturn-Pluto opposition affecting your life, creating delays or are you able to break through it and get things done? One of the expert psychics at n2itv.com are able to blast through the illusions of our lives that we either create ourselves or through some planetary trauma. Call one of our expert psychic and intuitive advisors today to see what you can expect in the coming year!

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Happy New Year - A Psychic Reaing for 2010 to Guide your Way!

For many many people around the globe, 2009 has been a very difficult year! And that year is coming to an end! Was 2009 difficult for you? Are you hoping for a clean slate as you start the new year? Are you hoping for a new job, new love, new home or car? Do you want to travel in the new year? What does 2010 have in store for you? Rather than be hit blindly, month after month with things that will be happening to you during the new year, you can get a forecast for the new year with a New Year psychic reading!

There are many questions that can be answered during a New Year psychic reading. A psychic reading for the New Year can answer questions to why things happened the previous year the way they did, what lessons were supposed to be learned from those experiences as well as providing good foresight as to what can be expected in the New Year! A Psychic reading for the New Year can help you understand things that occurring in the present and how they will enfold in the coming months so you can be prepared. A psychic reading for the New Year can also present a range of possibilities, events and experiences that can occur in the coming year. A psychic reading for the New Year can tell you if your current love relationship will continue. A psychic reading for the New Year can tell you where your relationship is going and what you can expect. A psychic reading for the New Year will predict a new love interest coming into your life, a new job or career, travel plans and what you can expect in these difficult financial times.

A psychic reading for the New Year can reveal the best course of action for you to take concerning a specific situation you currently have in your life. Likewise, a psychic reading for the New Year can determine what actions others around you will be taking concerning specific situations that concern both of you. An example of this type of question would be: What course of action is Johnny taking with Becky in regard to their current relationship status in the year to come?

A psychic reading for the New Year can help you see what new job opportunities you have coming your way. It can also tell you if you are facing job endings, company layoffs and restructuring or even being fired. A psychic reading for the New Year can tell you if you have financial security and stability in the coming months and also tell you when you need to buckle down, conserve spending and limit non-essential expenses. A psychic reading for the New Year can not predict lottery numbers or tell you if you will win the lottery! A psychic reading for the New Year can not make choices for you, but it can show you the options you have available to you.

A psychic reading for the New Year does not say what you must do or even what you should do. A good psychic tarot reader will tell you what options you have available to you, the choices you have and then the outcome of each of those choices. It is your responsibility to make your own decision based upon the information and details provided during your psychic reading for the New Year.

A psychic reading for the New Year can show you all the possible outcomes for your future based upon a decision you make. For example, during your psychic reading for the New Year you ask your psychic tarot reader what will happen to your job if you decide to go back to school. Your psychic tarot reader will be able to tell you what you can expect from your job, your work load, how it will impact your home and family life. This way you will be able to make an informed decision based on the outcomes presented during your psychic reading for the New Year.

A psychic reading for the New Year can help you get out of a rut, and propel you forward instead of being stuck. It can help you to move on, or hang in there, depending on your situation. Think of a psychic reading for the New Year as way to unlock the pathway to having deeper insight into your life and what is ahead of you. Several types of tarot card readers can provide a psychic reading for the New Year; the type you choose will depend on personal preference. A technical tarot reader is one who strictly reads and interprets the cards. During your psychic reading for the New Year, this reader will lay out the cards and interpret them based on the individual meanings of the tarot cards as well as their combinations. Another type of psychic reading for the New Year uses the technical meaning of the cards as well as clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuition and empathy. During this type of psychic reading for the New Year, the tarot reader will use the tarot as a tool to higher consciousness to tap into the psychic (or spirit) realm. For the most part a technical tarot reader will not possess the same abilities as a psychic tarot reader. But you can still get a great reading from technical tarot readers. There are many adept tarot card readers that can give you predictions with accuracy and details. They have spent years, usually decades, studying the cards, their meanings and combinations and again, it is based on personal preference.

A psychic reading for the New Year should not be used the wrong way. If you are seeking the truth, a psychic reading for the New Year will give you that, but if you want someone to just tell you what you want to hear, you will end up dissatisfied. If you want the truth, a personalized psychic reading for the New Year can provide that but don’t get angry when you get an answer you don’t like or don’t choose to believe. No one likes to be the bearer of bad news, even your friends and family may be afraid to give you their honest opinion or assessment of your situation, but a psychic tarot reader is bound by ethics. It is not the job of a psychic reader to sugar coat anything for you but to gently reveal whatever comes out in your reading. Even though the truth might be difficult to hear, the psychic is ethically bound to deliver that truth so you can decide what you need to do. A psychic advisor does not decide what comes out in your reading, and cannot change or alter what comes out in your psychic reading for the New Year. In a perfect world, psychics would love to give only the best news to clients or give everyone the answers that they so desperately want to hear. That is simply not realistic.

Not everyone is going to be happy with what they hear from their psychic reading for the New Year. You may be in a situation where everything seems hopeless. Your relationship, career or finances may be in shambles, but a psychic reading for the New Year can help. Your psychic reading for the New Year may offer you hope that things will be changing for the better, and can offer you the tools to make your situation better. A psychic reading for the New Year can help you avoid problems that you didn’t even see coming, or help to rectify and problems that currently exist in all areas of your life.

There are many ways to have a psychic reading for the New Year. You can go outside your home and find a psychic at psychic fairs, in the phone book, health food stores and metaphysical shops. The quickest and easiest way to have a psychic reading for the New Year is by phone. There are many sites available in the online community offering psychic reading for the New Years either online or on the phone. psychic reading for the New Year prices vary, so choose a reader wisely. Just because a psychic is more expensive, does not necessarily mean they are a better tarot reader. You can find an accurate ethical psychic reading for the New Year in almost any price range. Some psychics will charge by the minute (at varying rates) and some charge a flat rate per reading. There are also some sites out there that will offer a free psychic reading for the New Year by phone. If you decide to try one of these sites out, please be aware that the ‘free’ time of your reading is probably limited to 3 free minutes. There is not a lot of information a tarot reader can produce in a 3 minute psychic reading for the New Year so please be prepared to add money if you want to continue the call to finish your reading. The sites that offer this free tarot reading are often a good way to try out a psychic or tarot reader to see if they are able to connect to you and your energy before investing too much money in a psychic reading for the New Year.

A psychic reading for the New Year with the n2itv.com can help you when you are at a crossroads and don’t know what path to choose. Wouldn’t it be better to get the guidance and insight that a psychic reading for the New Year can offer you before you choose the wrong path or make a bad decision. We often look back on our lives and wish we chose a different way than we did. A psychic reading for the New Year can help you before you go down the wrong road, so you have less regrets and make less mistakes. There are many different types of psychic reading for the New Years you can get, and it is important to pick which one is right for you.

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Why Get a New Year Reading?

A Reading can help guide you through your troubled emotions and clouded thoughts, by offering a reflection of your past, present and possible future and showing you a fresh perspective on your life. And although we are ultimately self-responsible in our options, a New Year reading can help to clear the air and get you in touch with your inner intuition. Your best guide when it comes to making difficult choices.

With a New Year reading, it is easier to tercept the meaning of what our inner self is trying to tell us and to entercept what we need to know to make sense of situations or to just check the path we are on and look forward to the New Year.

For many, the most distressing times are those when we are confused about how we feel or are unsure of ourselves. When you have clarity of mind you feel more relaxed, and decisions and choices can be made more easily.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter Solstice and Yule!

The Winter Solstice, or Yule, occurs on Monday, December 21
st at 9:43 am. Yule represents a turning point of the solar year as the days begin to get longer after this time of greatest darkness and the longest night of the year. Yule is a solar festival, celebrated with fire and decorating trees, giving gifts, burning a Yule log, harvesting mistletoe and hanging evergreen boughs. After feasting, the tree is lighted and the Yule log is burned. A portion of the Yule log is saved to be used in next years lighting of the Yule log. This piece of the Yule log is kept throughout the year to protect the home.

The seasons’ colors are red and green. Holly is used as decoration for this festival, originally named for the dark underground Crone-goddess Holle, or Hel, from whose womb the sun arose. The red berry symbolized the Goddess’ holy blood, shaper of all life, according to the oldest beliefs. The evergreen leaves of the holly represent ongoing life, retaining vitality through the winter, with an implied promise of immortality.

The Winter Solstice has long been associated with the birth of a ‘Divine child or King’ long before the rise of Christianity. Since the Sun represents the male deity, this time is honored as the return of the sun god, where he is reborn of the Goddess. Yule is centered around the idea of rebirth, assisting the newly born sun to grow in strength when it emerged from the dark womb of night. It is a time for reflection and celebration as we think about where we have been and anticipate the new Sun and its promise for increasing light, as the days start to slowly become longer and warmer. The theme for Yule, is re-birth, with emphasis on the divine birth-giver rather than the one born, as in the Christian revision. The birth-giver is Hel, or the Dark Goddess, also known as Mother Night, Hecate, Myrrha, Cerridwen, Cybele-Nana, Black Demeter and many other names.

Savior cults, such as of those of Jesus, Mithras and Attis, use this traditional birth season for their heroes and dying-resurrecting ‘god men’. In ancient cultures, they celebrated the birth of a divine child at this time, nine months after the god’s death and re-conception (resurrection) at the Spring Equinox.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Planet of Action - MARS - Steps Backward - and How that Affects YOU!

Mars (the God of War) turns retrograde on December 20. Mars retrogrades about every 12-16 months.When Mars retrogrades people often complain of low energy, and subtle forms of manipulation can occur within personal relationships. Projects and situations can slow down, or be put on the back burner. When Mars slows down and become stationary retrograde, or when it begins to move forward after a retrograde, combative or combustive energy can occur. When Mars retrogrades it is a time to step back, and slow down the energy.

The planet Mars represents our actions, strength, force, courage, and desires. It represents our sexual nature, and men. Mars is ruled by the signs Aries and Scorpio, and it's manifestation can be constructive or destructive depending upon the nature of the aspect it is making in the natal chart.
Mars takes about two years to travel through the 12 signs of the zodiac, and stays in each individual sign for about 40 days.

On October 17, 2009, Mars entered the sign Leo, where it will stay for the next six months. Leo is the natural ruler of the fifth house of children, friends, love affairs and entertainment, so Mars in Leo will relate to these matters in general, and there will be a focus relating to the issues of children on a collective basis.
Mars will remain retrograde until March 11, 2010. At that time it will resume it's forward action completing it's cycle in Leo June 6, 2010.

Mars will create friction while stationary retrograde at 19 degrees of Leo if it is creating a harsh angle to a personal planet in your chart between 16 and 21 degrees (planets in Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, or Taurus) and you may experience combustive or combative energy on a personal level. Mars creating a hard angle in your chart can also be responsible for accidents, sickness, colds, chills and fevers.

Mars retrogrades back to 0 degrees on February 28, 2010 until March 21, 2010, and again, if it is creating a conjunction or harsh angle to a personal planet you will experience a lengthy period of stress or combative/combustive energy. Mars goes stationary direct on March 10, 2010 at 0 degrees it will only advance to 2 degrees by the end of the month. Again, if this is hitting a personal planet in your chart (in the signs Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, or Scorpio) between 0-4 degrees you will experience tension/stress or potential sickness and it is accident prone. By May 16, 2010 Mars will reach the 19 degree mark, where it went retrograde in December, 2009.

If Mars turns direct on a personal planet in your chart within 1-4 degrees (In Libra, Aires, Gemini, or Sagittarius) this may create an interesting and fortunate situation that will be of significance.

Mars in Leo will affect the Sun Signs by the house placement it is in. Those most affected will be Leo's, Taurean's, Scorpio's and Aquarian's.

Aires-5th/11th house axis- children, love affairs,friends and entertainment,.corporations, groups, hopes and wishes

Taurus-4th/10th house axis -the home, beginnings and endings, family, career and priorities

Gemini-3rd/9th house axis- short trips, the mind, immedeate family members, the neighborhood, education, publishing legal and medical matters.

Cancer-2ond/8th house axis-Money, earned income, self image, taxes, insurance, other peoples money, inheritance, and sex

Leo-1st/7th house axis- personal new beginnings and relationships and partnerships Mars in Leo for 8 months willl indicate new beginnings for Leo's and when it retrogrades, changes of mind, or false starts before moving forward.

Virgo-12th/6th house axis- hospitals, institutions, the subconscious mind, hidden enimies, work and health

Libra-11th/5th house axis-Groups, friends, hopes and wishes, organizations, children, friends, love affairs, entertainment

Scorpio-10th/4th house axis-Career, priorities, the home, foundation, beginnings and endings.

Sagittarius-9th/3rd house axis-travel, education, legal and medical matters, higher mind, immediate family members

Capricorn-8th/2ond house axis-Taxes, other people's money, secrets, inheritance, corporate finance, change and transformation, income, self-image

Aquarius-7th/1st house axis-relationships, partnerships. Relationships may begin or end. Lawsuits, and known enemies, courts

Pisces-6th/12th house axis-work, animals, health and fitness, the subconscious mind, institutions, things secret and hidden.

Submitted by Leslie Hale

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Born to Cheat? Their Birth Chart will Show it!

With astrology we can analyze the birth chart and determine certain personality traits and characteristics of any individual, as well as the life path they will take. Certain transits in the birth chart, and at times, transiting planets, will determine the answer to the question, "Will He/She Cheat."

While transits may determine the probability of a cheater, it is important to remember that while a person may have the transits to be a cheater, all individuals have control over their own brain and actions. Sometimes, these tendencies are curbed by conditioning, religious beliefs and maturity. Having the transits of a cheater doesn't mean you have to fulfill that role. But, in all probability, in this day and age, chances are strong that if an individual was born with 'cheating' transits they will cheat.

Sometimes, events (transits) occur that cause a cheater to change their ways, and sometimes these events never occur and the person never changes. That is usually the case. Sometimes, an individual who is not 'born to cheat,' gets caught up in situations and makes a decision to stray from an established relationship. This is astrologically speaking, a horse of another color than a 'born cheater.'

To know if your significant other/interest is a 'born cheater,' the transits in the birth chart must be carefully analyzed. There is no single transit for a cheater, there are probably millions. There are no simple generalizations. Often, cheaters are born with planets that represent divorce. This is usually represented by some type of hard aspect between Uranus, and Venus, or Mars and Venus. But, every divorced person is not a cheater. And, at times they are the victims of cheaters.

Cheating birth charts almost always contain a hard Neptune aspect. Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion, and well as secrets and lies. A person with prominent Neptune aspects in their chart can soar to the highest of highs, touching the divine or they can sink to the lowest depths of human depravity. Sometimes, in a life time they do both. Neptune represents both the preacher, the spiritual guru, and the drug addict and the prostitute. It's a complex planet. But, it's often there when cheating is involved. Neptune can create a cheater sometimes when it's touching Venus, Mars or Mercury, especially from the seventh house of marriage. But, this is a generalization again, and this transit alone does not guarantee a cheater, and Neptune in the seventh house can also represent a person who is going to be cheated on.

Another possibility of a cheater is someone who has a lot of Gemini or Sagittarius in their chart and likes to keep things interesting. These individuals are often not satisfied with just one partner and like to experiment and have a distaste for that which becomes mundane. But again, having multiple planets in these signs alone does not guarantee multiple partners.

Mars or Pluto in the eighth house is another sign of a person who loves sex. These people are usually more interested in the erotic side of life than most. This depends upon many factors including what aspects Mars or Pluto in the eighth house is making.

Society began to change in the late fifties/early sixties, and a generation was born with Neptune is Scorpio (1957-1970). These individuals in particular, are sometimes unclear about sexual boundaries. Again, this is a generalization, and if you were born during these years it is absolutely no guarantee you will cheat!

But, Scorpio is the natural ruler of the eighth house of shared/joint finances, change and transformation and sex. Sex often has a great fascination for these individuals and some will experience vague and uncertain states connected to emotional and sexual involvement with others. Sometimes it exerts a magnetic influence, although the real thing often does not meet expectations.

So, while there are a million fourteen transits that will help identify a cheater, the entire chart must come under scrutiny before making that assessment. And it all really comes down to what we want as individuals and what price they we willing to pay for it.

This article was contributed by Leslie Hale, Astrologer

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Final New Moon of 2009

The final New Moon of 2009 appears Wednesday, December 16, 7:02 AM EST at 24 degrees of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of higher mind, philosophy, travel, and gain and expansion.

This new moon is a call to adventure, throwing off the limitations of the mind, seeking new perspectives and possibilities of expansion and truth. All new Moons are beginning times, and this new moon highlights new beginnings for our belief systems relating to the things we value and the truth in our individual lives and our ability to live it. The challenge is to remember that while Jupiter is the planet of expansion, it is easy to over inflate our beliefs and expectations.

At 24 degrees of Sagittarius, the New Moon is within 2 degrees of squaring Uranus, the planet of sudden, unexpected disruptions and changes. Mood swings may dominate the period immediately around this new moon and changes and upheaval involving women/emotions will be a theme. Expect the unexpected, as well as unusual weather conditions, and possibility of news involving transportation related situations, airlines, women, upheaval and change of thought and direction, as well as news involving the government, governments, health care and the medical industry.

The new moon sextiles Jupiter and Neptune creating an expansive mood and feelings of generosity and a period of feeling in unity with the universe, but this may be a false sense of security and untruths and half truths that must be determined to be truths before accepting them as such. It is a thin line to walk, but the energy of Sagittarius is a call for the emergence of hope, and newness in our lives. This post contributed by Leslie Hale

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Soulmate Relationships and Soulmate Readings - Everything you want to Know About Soulmates

People all over the world are looking for their soulmate. They want to know if the person they are currently in a relationship with is their soulmate, for different reasons. Some may feel so much stronger than they have ever felt before, and don't know why, so they wonder if it is because they have met their soulmate. Some people never feel complete without their soulmate, yearning for them, longing to meet them, be with them, unite with them. soulmates are like two magnets, with the energy of each pulling toward the other. When you are in a soulmate relationship, the souls urge to merge.

A soulmate is someone you feel drawn to, deeply connected to, a part of, a perfect match for, in a deeper way then physically or superficially. A soulmate is often defined as your other half, the other part of you. A soulmate is often described as the matching partner of your very soul. Some people believe that soulmates must pay off a karmic debt to be together, and the connection between them can pass through several lifetimes.

Quite often we find ourselves in relationships where we behave in ways we never would before. A strong woman might suddenly find herself acting weak, or a man who doesn't show emotion finds himself doing just that. Is it because this boyfriend or girlfriend of theirs is their soulmate? How about if someone is SO not your type, you have never been attracted to someone with looks or a personality before, but yet you are strangely drawn to this person ... is it because this person is your soulmate.

How do you know if the person you are currently dating or in a relationship with is your soulmate? You may feel a deep connection for someone but that does not mean they are your soulmate. It can be very frustrating for those wanting to finally meet their soulmate and keep meeting up with the wrong people instead. They go from one bad date or relationship to another, hoping to eventually find their soulmate and losing patience.

One misconception many people seem to have about soulmates is that they are going to be easy relationships with very few problems. Quite often it is the complete opposites with soulmates -- they have to overcome numerous obstacles and resolve many issues before they can find harmony.

The psychics at n2itv.com are 5-star soulmate relationship experts. Combined they have over 100 years in assessing soulmate relationship issues. We have seen soulmates drive one another crazy or push each other away. The connection between soulmates runs very deep, and the emotions between them are so high. Because of the connection between soulmates, things that would break other couples up or end the relationship don't have the same affect on soulmate relationships. There are many questions that can be asked during a psychic soulmate reading to give you greater clarity to your soulmate relationship.

  • During a psychic soulmate reading we will be able to give you a general timeline of WHEN you will meet your soulmate.
  • A psychic soulmate reading we can tell you HOW you will meet your soulmate.
  • A psychic soulmate reading we can tell you if your current relationship is a soulmate relationship or if a soulmate relationship is still in the future.

Soulmates can overcome some situations that are so far out there they make soap opera relationships look tame. Soulmates can meet at a certain point in their lives but not get together for many years because the timing or circumstances are not right. Maybe one or both were already in other relationships. Down the line the soulmates can meet again after all those years and start their lives and their relationship together. Soulmates have often been in love before with other people, but say when they met their soulmate, love went to a different level that they did not even know existed before.

It is generally believed that soulmates come together for a specified period of time. There is an intense connection as the two souls merge spending much time together, talking for hours on the phone every day, spending a lot of time together. It is perfect. You feel complete because you are with your soulmaterelationship that will stand the test of time. Then after a period of about 3-6 months, there is a sudden split. One of you, in the soulmate relationship, brings it to an end. You either go back to a past relationship, leaving the other soulmate in the relationship yearning for the soulmaterelationship out of fear or to resolve some relationship crises from the past. During this time in the soulmate relationship you are each supposed to individually be learning your own lessons. This is what makes the soulmate relationship so intense. During this period of being apart, the one who was left often finds themselves yearning for their soulmate. You have dreams about them, you think about them constantly, you still feel that soulmate connection and feel incomplete. Very often you think you are going crazy because you can't get the other out of your mind. It is during this period of being apart that there is personal growth. The emptiness created by the disappearance of your soulmate and you know this is the connection. One of you ends the leaves you feeling lost, alone and incomplete.

During a psychic soulmate reading we will be able to tell you the life lessons you are supposed to be learning while the soulmate in is transit. Very often these lessons must be completed before the soulmaterelationship can resume. You have lessons and your soulmate has lessons during this time. When you have each addressed and assimilated the life experience your soulmate relationship can resume. Since a soulmate relationship is one that brings major life lessons with it, there are times when the soulmaterelationship can not continue. A psychic soulmate reading will be able to tell you if this soulmaterelationship has ended or if it is coming back. Often during your psychic soulmate reading we will be able to tell you if and when you have another soulmate relationship coming into your life and what you have to do to prepare for this soulmate relationship.

Women have heard about soulmates and talked with their girlfriends about soulmates and seen soulmaterelationships on tv, in books, magazing articles, you name it. When they find their soulmate they are ecstatic, this is what they have been waiting for! Even though they have prepared themselves for meeting their soulmate, the depth of emotion, strength of connection, and intensity can be a little unnerving.

Men, on the other hand, don't really discuss meeting their soulmate with their friends, and their taste in tv shows, books and magazines shy away from the topic. When men meet their soulmate, the same depth of feeling and intensity that excites women can scare men to death! They were not prepared to feel this way for another person, and didn't even know they could! Women need to understand that men can have a different reaction entirely when they meet their soulmate. (Some women too)

If you are searching for your soulmate and want to know when you will find them, why not give one of our soulmate advisors a call? A psychic soulmate reading can tell if the person you are involved with or interested in is your soulmate. It will reveal the obstacles and issues that you and your soulmate may have to go through in order to be together. It can get very discouraging to want the deep connection and emotion in your relationship that soulmates have but not find it. During your psychic soulmate readingsoulmates can tell you if you are looking in the wrong place or are with the wrong person. our

Just because you feel deeply for another person does not mean they are your soulmate. You may think someone is your soulmate, but you could be wrong. Our gifted soulmates can set you straight. The relationship you are in right now may be the wrong one for you, and you are searching for a depth of connection that you just will never get. If it is a soulmate you are searching for, a psychic soulmate reading can help you find it.

The relationship you are in now may actually be keeping you from your soulmate! Instead of complaining or feeling bad that you have not met your soulmate why not do something productive and give our soulmates a call instead? There are unique difficulties that can sometimes occur between soulmates. Sometimes it can appear that those obstacles, problems or issues are insurmountable. Other times relationships between soulmates are a breeze. Why the difference? It depends on each couple. Unless you have met your soulmate it is hard to explain what it feels like when you do. Even those who have fully prepared themselves to meet their soulmate find themselves unprepared when they actually do.

A soulmate is a rare connection between two people, so unless you are extremely lucky, you may not find yours right away. Although the path to your soulmate may be long and difficult, those that have been blessed enough to experience a soulmate relationship say it is more than worth the wait or struggle to get together.

Submitted by Lady Sarah and Sophia's Garden

The love and relationship experts at n2itv.com provide stellar guidance during a soulmate or relationship reading. Each of our psychic and astrology advisors have spent many years studying and researching soulmate relatonships and literature to better understand how soulmate relationships work. Whether you are in a relationship with your soulmate today, what to know if you are with your soulmate, have been with your soulmate and want to get him or her back or are anxiously waiting for your soulmate to appear, a soulmate reading from the psychic advisors at n2itv will provide guidance to ensure your soulmate relationship is a happy one. To arrange for a soulmate reading with one of the premiere soulmate experts at n2itv please click on the banner below:

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Is Your Internet Date Safe? Check Them Out First With an Psychic Reading

Millions of people sign up on the many internet dating sites each year hoping to find a date or mate from the safety and comfort of their own living rooms. But do we really know the person on the other side of the computer? Most people can talk a good game, and for some that is exactly what it is.

You can pretend to be anyone you want to be hiding behind the mask of the internet. You don't have to use your own identity, you can post photos of anyone to my own profile, you can be who you want to be, who you wish to be. And so can anyone that communicates with you.

Before meeting that internet guy or girl in person for the first time, a psychic reading can help filter through some of the BS that might have been thrown at you. By calling one of the expert psychics at Circle of Goddesses, we can answer so many questions before you head out the door for internet romance. In addition to learning if the person you are meeting is an axe murderer or serial killer, some questions we will be able to address include:

  • Is this a REAL PERSON or are they are a scammer? (from Nigeria or any other country)
  • After talking to for a while now, I find it odd that money seems to be a constant topic of conversation. Are they planning on conning me? Is my money safe?
  • Is the guy (or gal) I am talking with online married?
  • Is this person a player? Are they only looking for sex?
  • My internet guy says he is a doctor, but things don’t add up, what does he really do for a living?
  • He says he broke up with his girlfriend 6 months ago, and is really over her, but is he really? Does s/he have any emotional blockages that would prevent our relationship from developing?
  • How many other people is currently dating?
  • Would be a good person for me to date? Will our personalities blend well together?

Whenever you decide to date someone from the online dating community, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. We are here to help make sure the person you are speaking with is real. We will be able to break through any illusion, deceit or web of lies they have created and give you the truth about your prospect so you can decide whether or not to continue to pursue a romantic future with them.

This article was posted by Lady Sarah

Why Call a Psychic About Your Relationship? Read and Find Out!

Although there are hundreds of reason why people call for a phone psychic reading, most people call psychics because they are seeking clarity in their love relationship. Some of the reasons anyone would contact a love and relationship advisor is because they want to know where their current relationship is heading, they are suspicious of their partner, their partner is cheating on them or they are recently broken up and want to know if s/he is returning. As psychics we can certainly answer these questions... but how can a psychic best help you with your relationships?

Throughout our lifetimes, we create and maintain hundreds of relationships. After developing the first relationship with our parents and our siblings, we move on to create love, career and social relationships with friends, teachers, associates, peers and co-workers. We form strong bonds to our animals, toys, cars and even our clothes. And yet, with all the relationships to people and things that we form in a lifetime, the ones that we as humans seem to focus on the most are those involving love. Our romantic relationships are the ones that bring us the most joy, peace and well being, but when they go wrong, the ones bring us the most heart break and sorrow. Sometimes these love interests are meant to last a lifetime, but very often can represent only a temporary stage in our lives, until we grow and evolve beyond that relationship, as we prepare for the next love interest in our lives.

A good psychic advisor can help steer you down the right path for the development of your relationship to ensure that your desires and dreams in regard to this love situation are realized. Of course you can ask a psychic 'surface level' questions like:
  • Is s/he coming back?
  • Is s/he going to call?
  • How does s/he feel about me?
  • When is s/he going to call me?
  • Does s/he miss me?
When it comes to questions like these, you have to understand being in a relationship where you don't KNOW if or when the person is going to call is the major issue in the relationship.

In essence, the real problem is not whether s/he is coming back, but rather why they left in the first place... and will they do it again? What we seek to provide, rather than be your psychic Magic 8 Ball answering 'surface level' questions, is to get down to the heart of the matter and uncover what is occurring in your behavior (as well as theirs) to create the conflict. Once this is identified, we can provide steps and actions you can take to better resolve relationship crises in the future. Some better questions to ask your psychic advisor during your reading are:
  • What was the REAL reason they left?
  • Is there a way I can make sure they don't leave again?
  • How can I get him/her to respect me?
We would like to offer you TOOLS to get your love relationship to a place where you don't NEED to call us to find out WHEN/IF they will call, because YOU will know yourself. We don't want the power, we want YOU to be empowered. We want YOU to be able to read your OWN relationships, avoid the bumps in the road, and steer it in the right direction. We can help you if you want help, however if you just want answers to Magic 8 Ball questions, we really are not the right advisors / readers for you. We don't want people dependent on us, we want you to be INDEPENDENT. Those are our success stories.

This article was posted by Lady Sarah

The love and relationship experts at n2itv.com provide stellar guidance during a soulmate or relationship reading. Each of our psychic and astrology advisors have many years experience providing guidance, counsel and insight in their clients relationship questions and concerns. Not only will they be able to predict where your relationship is heading, if the two of you truly belong together, whether or not you will be reuniting if you are currently broken up, but they will also be able to give you recommendations and guidance to making the relationship stronger. They will guide you to the relationship you desire and deserve. To arrange for love or relationship reading with one of the love and relationship experts at n2itv please click on the banner below:

The Soulmate Connection

We have many soul mates This is caused usually by the splitting of a larger soul into sections. This makes the soul very recognizable and we feel "connected" to it as we are indeed part of it.

We come back through many lives with the "other Part" of our soul ie soulmate to learn lessons through meetings and partings, you can say on some level we are all soul mates one with another, learning and growing. Not all these lessons are loving or comforting. Lessons in forgiveness and unconditional love are challenging.

Sometimes we are the "victim", and sometimes we are the negative or mirror that shows another soul their light. This is where free will and choice comes into play, how we react or view our relationships. Someone can come into your life and cause you much pain and suffering because there is a soul agreement between you to grow and evolve in love and forgiveness.

This is one perception of karma and the "tit for tat" of the you did it to me Now I will do it to you that has gone on for lifetimes . You break the cycle by acting rather than reacting, by freeing the ego from the soul and learning to love and forgive. Mind you, this does not mean being stepped on as we must maintain some self respect but we may choose (if this is a negative karmic soulmate connection) to wish them well with love and release them.

Our greatest joy and our greatest pain are both conceived in these soul mate relationships, our feelings intensified by our soul connections, whether for good or bad. You can often spot a soul mate or karmic relationship by "love at first site" or "revulsion at first site", depending upon the lessons you've contracted to learn from this soul. One can live a lifetime in joy and harmony with a resonant soul mate, and this a beautiful, but rare gift.

This article was posted by Dsandra.

The love and relationship experts at n2itv.com provide stellar guidance during a soulmate or relationship reading. Each of our psychic and astrology advisors have spent many years studying and researching soulmate relatonships and literature to better understand how soulmate relationships work. Whether you are in a relationship with your soulmate today, what to know if you are with your soulmate, have been with your soulmate and want to get him or her back or are anxiously waiting for your soulmate to appear, a soulmate reading from the psychic advisors at n2itv will provide guidance to ensure your soulmate relationship is a happy one. To arrange for a soulmate reading with one of the premiere soulmate experts at n2itv please click on the banner below:

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Scorpio in Love!

The first week of November the Sun and Mercury are in the sign that is the ruler of the eighth house of the zodiac. The eighth house relates to sex and intimacy, the mysteries and the unknown, death and rebirth, taxes, other peoples money, insurance and inheritance. Scorpio is a fixed sign and any planetary energy that relates to this sign will be difficult to move or sway. Opinions and ideas will be not easy to adjust, and surface answers will not be good enough.

Venus, the planet of love and money enters this tempestuous sign on Sunday, November 8, giving us 3 planets in Scorpio this month. Venus is Scorpio will add spice to the love life of those who are Cancer's or Cancer ascendants through December 2. Now is the time to circulate, respond to invitations, and if you are in a relationship, look for the situation to heat up. If you are a Cancer this puts three planets in your house of love this month, increasing the chances of meeting someone new if you are single. Venus only stays in your fifth house for a 30 day period each year, so make the most of it!

Other signs that will benefit from Venus in Scorpio are Pisces, Virgo's, Capricorn's and of course Scorpio's and those with a Scorpio ascendant. When Venus is in your own sign it is the month you are most attractive to potential suitors and it gives you an added zest in the way you came across to other's.
Things can really heat up on the 18th and 19th of the month as Venus and Mars square each other. While squares bring change and it is still possible to meet a new love, sparks can fly in existing ones, with issues coming to the forefront. Alternatively, depending on your chart, sparks may fly and sizzle as Scorpio lives up to it's name as one of the most sensual of signs of the zodiac.

Posted by Leslie Hale Astrology

An astrology reading can really impact your relationship in a positive way. If you are currently in a relationship, an astrology reading or psychic reading by phone can really help uncover some of the current issues in that relationship, determine if you are going to re-unite or tell you if someone new is coming into yor life. During your astrology reading our astrologer will be able to predict what will happen in your relationship and through a compatibility chart tell you where your relationship could have difficulties and WHEN to expect them. Addionally, the psychics at n2itv are love and relationship experts. During a psychic love reading, the psychics at n2itv will be able to shed light on any questions you may have concerning your current relationship, past relationship or relationship to expect in the future. To arrange for a soulmate reading at n2itv please click on the banner below:

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Searching for you Soulmate? Are you Currently With Your Soulmate?

Ever think about the word “Soulmate”? There are so many versions of it but in all actuality it means the same thing. Just each time you meet that certain person that is a soulmate the relationship might not be all rosy and smiles! Have you ever heard the term … “You can love someone but you do not have to like them”. Well, a soulmate could be just that type of person. So many people scratch their heads saying, “Hmmmmm they are such a creep or I can’t stand them so why can’t we just let go of each other and goodbye”!? Well, here is the reason. Soulmates come into our lives to teach us lessons. These lessons could be good or they can be not so fun. No matter what though, both parties do learn off each other. The other thing is this … soulmate’s do not always stay in each others lives forever. Some soulmates can just become a memory.

So when someone says he or she is my soulmate and they are wearing the “rose colored glasses” just remember to look outside of the box and welcome the experience no matter if it is good or bad … because eventually that soulmate will have helped you to grow into a stronger and better person.

Have a blessed and beautiful day!

Posted by Cherie's Vision

Are you wondering what is going on in your relationship? Are you with your soulmate? Are you searching for your soulmate? Are you currently separated from your soulmate and want to know if they are returning? The psychics, astrologers and spiritual life coaches at n2itv are experts in providing guidance concerning soulmates and soulmate relationships. Contact one of our expert psychic advisors for a soulmate reading if you are still searching for you soulmate. During your soulmate reading they will be able to give you an estimate on when your soulmate may enter your life. If you are currently dating someone, a soulmate reading will be able to tell you if you are currently in a soulmate relationship. If you have recently ended a soulmate relationship a soulmate reading with one of our soulmate experts will be able to tell you if they are returning. During a soulmate reading, the psychics at n2itv will be able to shed light on any questions you may have concerning a soulmate relationship. To arrange for a soulmate reading at n2itv please click on the banner below:

Monday, November 9, 2009

Prosperity and Positive Affirmations

The first step is the hardest and that is to Believe with all of your heart that you will do what you were made to do. When the mind has once formed the habit of holding cheerful, happy, prosperous pictures, it will not be easy to form the opposite habit.

It does not matter how improbable or how far away this realization may seem, or how dark the prospects may be, if we visualize them as best we can, as vividly as possible, hold tenaciously to them and vigorously struggle to attain them, they will gradually become actualized, realized in the life. But a desire, a longing without endeavor, a yearning abandoned or held indifferently will vanish without realization.

It is only when desire is crystallized into resolve, however, that it is effective.

Think and say only that which you wish to become true.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the outline of the image itself; the real substance, not merely a mental image. What we believe is coming to us is a tremendous creative motive. Your whole thought current must be set in the direction of your life purpose.

Whatever comes to us in life, we create first in our mentality.

Submitted by Dsandra

To receive an intuitive psychic reading or counseling session with Dsandra or any of the expert psychic advisors, astrologers or spiritual life coaches at n2itv please click on the banner below: