Mars (the God of War) turns retrograde on December 20. Mars retrogrades about every 12-16 months.When Mars retrogrades people often complain of low energy, and subtle forms of manipulation can occur within personal relationships. Projects and situations can slow down, or be put on the back burner. When Mars slows down and become stationary retrograde, or when it begins to move forward after a retrograde, combative or combustive energy can occur. When Mars retrogrades it is a time to step back, and slow down the energy.

The planet Mars represents our actions, strength, force, courage, and desires. It represents our sexual nature, and men. Mars is ruled by the signs Aries and Scorpio, and it's manifestation can be constructive or destructive depending upon the nature of the aspect it is making in the natal chart.
Mars takes about two years to travel through the 12 signs of the zodiac, and stays in each individual sign for about 40 days.

On October 17, 2009, Mars entered the sign Leo, where it will stay for the next six months. Leo is the natural ruler of the fifth house of children, friends, love affairs and entertainment, so Mars in Leo will relate to these matters in general, and there will be a focus relating to the issues of children on a collective basis.
Mars will remain retrograde until March 11, 2010. At that time it will resume it's forward action completing it's cycle in Leo June 6, 2010.

Mars will create friction while stationary retrograde at 19 degrees of Leo if it is creating a harsh angle to a personal planet in your chart between 16 and 21 degrees (planets in Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, or Taurus) and you may experience combustive or combative energy on a personal level. Mars creating a hard angle in your chart can also be responsible for accidents, sickness, colds, chills and fevers.

Mars retrogrades back to 0 degrees on February 28, 2010 until March 21, 2010, and again, if it is creating a conjunction or harsh angle to a personal planet you will experience a lengthy period of stress or combative/combustive energy. Mars goes stationary direct on March 10, 2010 at 0 degrees it will only advance to 2 degrees by the end of the month. Again, if this is hitting a personal planet in your chart (in the signs Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, or Scorpio) between 0-4 degrees you will experience tension/stress or potential sickness and it is accident prone. By May 16, 2010 Mars will reach the 19 degree mark, where it went retrograde in December, 2009.

If Mars turns direct on a personal planet in your chart within 1-4 degrees (In Libra, Aires, Gemini, or Sagittarius) this may create an interesting and fortunate situation that will be of significance.

Mars in Leo will affect the Sun Signs by the house placement it is in. Those most affected will be Leo's, Taurean's, Scorpio's and Aquarian's.

Aires-5th/11th house axis- children, love affairs,friends and entertainment,.corporations, groups, hopes and wishes

Taurus-4th/10th house axis -the home, beginnings and endings, family, career and priorities

Gemini-3rd/9th house axis- short trips, the mind, immedeate family members, the neighborhood, education, publishing legal and medical matters.

Cancer-2ond/8th house axis-Money, earned income, self image, taxes, insurance, other peoples money, inheritance, and sex

Leo-1st/7th house axis- personal new beginnings and relationships and partnerships Mars in Leo for 8 months willl indicate new beginnings for Leo's and when it retrogrades, changes of mind, or false starts before moving forward.

Virgo-12th/6th house axis- hospitals, institutions, the subconscious mind, hidden enimies, work and health

Libra-11th/5th house axis-Groups, friends, hopes and wishes, organizations, children, friends, love affairs, entertainment

Scorpio-10th/4th house axis-Career, priorities, the home, foundation, beginnings and endings.

Sagittarius-9th/3rd house axis-travel, education, legal and medical matters, higher mind, immediate family members

Capricorn-8th/2ond house axis-Taxes, other people's money, secrets, inheritance, corporate finance, change and transformation, income, self-image

Aquarius-7th/1st house axis-relationships, partnerships. Relationships may begin or end. Lawsuits, and known enemies, courts

Pisces-6th/12th house axis-work, animals, health and fitness, the subconscious mind, institutions, things secret and hidden.

Submitted by Leslie Hale